Sunday 5 October 2008

Day 1

Today is Sunday the first day of the week and so, because I am a guest blogger on Happy to be @ Home this week I am blogging about what we as a family are eating today.

Let me first explain that every Sunday, my husband cooks! I know, I am spoiled! Monday to Saturday the kitchen is mostly mine but Niall and Sean make Sunday, truly a day of rest for me.

So to start with we had porridge, juice etc. Niall always soaks it overnight in water and cooks it in the microwave first thing in the morning.
Niall and Sean cooked the dinner and Sean lit the fire. We normally eat our lunch on our laps in the sitting room in front of a fire, and watch a DVD or play a board game. Today we had Conor with us (9 yo) and so we played a new board game called 'Pilgrims Progress'. Then we visited my step mum who is not at all well...
Today Niall put chicken legs and potatoes in the oven, turned on the timer and so, when we came home after the Church service, he served us dinner within ten minutes!To finish off the evening, we go back to the Church building for six O clock, have the first part of our Bible study, (Self Confrontation) have our tea there ( I normally bring a sandwich for Seán, crackers and a yogurt for me and Niall eats whatever is there)and then we finish the study. We go home to have supper and then bed for Sean, and we are generally not long following him!


Kaber said...

sounds like a good day! And a nice dinner!!

$5 Dinner Mom said...

Great post at HtbaH! My husband does almost all the cooking on Sundays! He makes pancakes, helps fix lunch and grills for dinner! yeah for helpful hubbys!
I did the guest kitchen a few weeks back! It's a fun way to connect with others!