Thursday 23 October 2008

Catching up.

Here are a few photos by way of an update of what the MacCarthaighs have been getting up to lately...

I like this one. This is Niall with Sean and our little friend, Joshua, (he stayed for a sleep over while his parents went to a wedding) picking out a nice bun to eat from the cake shop.We went to Dublin for a few hours on Monday. We had vouchers for a free meal in The Hard Rock Cafe. We had a feast there for just over €40 (mostly vouchers) and then we went to the Phoenix Park to check out the wild deer.

We went to the Library to do some home schooling for a change of scenery. Here is a photo of Seán playing dominoes with a twist... They are a box of dominoes I bought in a museum last year with, and I quote...
"seven works of art from Tate's collection".

Patrick Caulfield
John Constable
David Hockney
Sir Howard Hodgkin
Piet Mondrian
John Singer Sargent
Joseph Mallord William Turner

Well, its nice to get a bit of culture into the boy the fun way!!!

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Grammar Schools open day. We have Sean's name down there as second choice. Our preference is still the Bush Post Primary. However, we must wait until the time for him to go to school, which will be in three years, to know if he will be accepted because the Bush is out in the countryside, and they might not have room for any town children that year. It all depends on how many places their are and how many children will be applying for the places. Ultimately, we will be waiting on the Lord to open and close doors though.
Sean was fascinated with everything in the Science room. He had the chance to re-direct water with a balloon, without the balloon touching the water, and he made his own lightning!

I also got the chance of some women's fellowship in Barbara's home. She had a coffee morning and we girls had plenty of chat and prayer.

We went to John and Ann's home for lunch last Saturday and on Sunday we had lungh out with the lads in Annagassan... Great company and great food!


ruth said...

Will Sean be going away to stay at school when he goes to school?

Heather L. said...

Enjoyed hearing and seeing what you have been up to.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I see Ruth above has the same question I have -- boarding school?

Looks like your family had SO MUCH FUN!