Saturday 13 September 2008

Someone elses blog

I have just read a lovely post on Heathers blog, "A Place of Quiet Rest" called

goodbye sea shells .... hello pumpkins

Pop over, I hope you will be refreshed as I have!


Kaber said...

Thanks I'll check it out

Heather said...

Very kind of you to mention my blog! I'm so glad to be a source of refreshment to you! It's quite humbling, really. I really appreciate your kind comments and just the way you share makes me think we'd be fast friends if we lived just down the road from one another!

Annie Blake said...

Thanks for the link Ruth I enjoyed Heather's blog post too, beautifully written.

On the autumn theme, I just found a YouTube video featuring lovely images in nature at this time of year. It is particularly nice because it's set to Alison Krauss's song In the Palm of Your Hand.

Check it out I think you'll like it: