Wednesday 10 September 2008

Good hair day & a girls' night out!

Yesterday afternoon Mary O and I went to Yana's Hair Salon and got our hair washed and blow dried. Then Becky joined us and got her hair washed, trimmed and blow dried. Then Natasha joined us and had a wash and blow dry!!! Why? Well, It was my treat. I decided to treat these friends to a nice evening out. Becky is getting married in little over a week in Scotland and I can't make the wedding so this was my way of making up for it.
Even the hairdressers, Yana and Tanya, got a make over!Mary O did our make-up and then we headed off to 'La Cantina', an Italian Restaurant where we had pizza, salad, mushrooms, etc. Then we headed back to my home where Niall had a blazing fire ready for us. We sat around with a fresh fruit salad, ice cream and cream and just chatted. It was really great. Although Becky lives 2 doors down from me and we see each other regularly, we don't get the chance to have a proper talk because she has 4 children. Mary O has 3 and Natasha one, so it really was a chance to catch up without distractions!!!

Thanks to Yana, her hard work and generosity, it didn't cost me that much, and as for the restaurant, it worked out little more than €10 per head!

We hope to do it again, but this time everybody can pay for themselves!


Kaber said...

what a lovely thing to do for your friends~
Sounds like it was great fun. and nice if Niall to have the fire waiting for you!

Heather L. said...

This was such a good plan of yours instead of a hen night!!!! It sounds like everyone must have enjoyed themselves and the fellowship was good. It will be a nice memory I'm sure.

Belinda said...

A blazing fire? It was 100 degrees today in Texas!

Heather said...

What a lovely thoughtful gift Ruth - so sweet! I'll bet the ladies just felt so cared for and your friendship was a real blessing to them!