Thursday 4 September 2008

Catching up.

Well, like most families around this time, things have been quite busy at the MacCárthaighs. Seán is back to his schooling and he seems to appreciate it very much, especially when he can compare it to the attitudes of his friends who have to go to regular school. And just to make it a little bit special, we had a nice tea, Coke floats and a chocolate cake to mark our five and a half years home schooling, just for Seán you know!!!

We have started easily enough, working on his books etc. These past couple of mornings I have had a chance to go walking, once on my own, another time with Niall and Seán and today with Seán. We have seen a hawk and butterflies, picked blackberries and today we met an elderly man who invited us into his garden and showed us his bees, grape vines in his green house, and gave us freshly picked tomatoes! He said he hurt his arm last year and when he got it x-rayed they found he had cancer in one of his lungs so he had it removed in December. He also told me that he lives alone, his wife left him years ago because of his drinking... He invited us to come back in about three weeks when he will have some honey to give us. So Niall and I have decided to drop into him around the end of September and see how he is...

Last week we went to 'Funtasia' in Bettystown for the first time. It is a fun park with a great pool area. Natasha had promised to bring the children there before the holidays ended and so we all went and has a good day. It was something like the water park they have in Salou, Spain. We were there this time last year... Can't help thinking about this especially since this is the wettest August on record!

Last night we went to our mid-week prayer meeting and song practice in the Church building. It has been very encouraging to me lately to see more of our sisters and brothers in the Lord attending. It's not about numbers, but rather, it is about seeing a healthy love and concern for one another grow. The Lord seems to be stirring us up and it is just a joy to be there and to share our prayers with one another and to have fellowship with one another over a cuppa!Seán got his hair trimmed over in Yana's new Salon... He said he would like to work there every Saturday, for free, just to help her out... I would give him 2 hours and then see how he likes it!I took Seán shopping for vests, socks etc in the Shopping centre. I gave him the money and let him take care of it, while I stood in the side lines, all part of the learning process! He really enjoyed the whole idea of being responsible for his own stuff, and so we are working on letting him go to the local shop by himself. Not yet, but soon. It's hard. It's hard to know when it is time to let go in certain areas. I was in our local shopping centre and met up with a wee girl I know. She was there walking around without her parents and she is only 9??? Having said that, I don't want to make a mamma's boy out of him either. It's hard to know what to do, and so I am very glad to have Niall and the Lord to guide us in these things.

Last week Niall was working out in Carlingford and Seán and I went along for the spin which we sometimes do. I watched the sun setting while Seán threw stones into the bay... Lovely evening.Well, I hope that for you guys out there sending your kids to school, you found the transition easy going, and for you home schooling mums, I hope that your kids appreciate it!


Kaber said...

he story about the old man was sad. He must be so lonely.

What a womderful time you have had! Homeschooling is just the greatest!

We have the boys order and pay for their food when we go to fast food places (we give them money and have them order andoay)- it really helps with their communication skills. They have to LOOK AT the person and speak clearly and audibly.- or they get the wrong food.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I have had little time to come around visiting on the blog. It was pure delight to share so many wonderful events with you. Such a blessing you are offering attention to the man with the bees. How precious to see that everyday, ordinary events string our days together like precious pearls we wear in our memory.

I thoroughly delight in homeschooling, and though we have no formal start or stop, we celebrate it regularly. My children love to learn. My daughter away at university misses the enthusiasm of our learning style -- she says her teachers pale in comparison (wow! that's a compliment a mom can smile over).

Always a pleasure to pop in to say "Hi."

Kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I am enjoying reading yours! Such experiences!! blessings!!