Thursday 18 September 2008

50th Birthday Party!

Last week it was Marie's birthday and last night we had a surprise party for her in the Church Centre. The anticipation was fantastic!

A lot of her natural family were there and loads of her spiritual family too.
We hired out round tables, delph, table cloths etc and transformed the main worship area.

Some of Marie's working collogues bought her this fun cake!The dinner was served successfully thanks to Mary O who cooked it, and everybody else who served it...
The music and chat was good.

And God blessed the whole event...

We usually have the prayer meeting and song practice meeting on Wednesday evenings so it was no problem getting her to the building. We had a great evening that lasted on into the night. We went home at 10 and people were still there!

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Heather L. said...

Wow! it looks like a really amzing celebration! How special!