Monday 29 September 2008

A Question?

How does a mother show her love to a 10 year old son?

When Sean was a baby I had great joy and satisfaction in nursing and caring for him. I fed and washed him, changed him and carried him. I kissed him and cuddled him. I had countless oppertunities to love him in a physical way as well as verbal. Sometimes I used to scratch his back and sing him to sleep. I didn't mind, I had all the time in the world.

He is ten now and I find it's not so eash to show him that I love him. I can't do a lot of the things I used to do. I can't baby him, I have to pull back and let him grow up.
On the other hand he is very affectionate, toughy feely, smiling and loving, and although I would happily hug and kiss the child to death (!) I have to teach him to pull back and not turn him into a sissy...

What can take the place of this kind of affection?

He is pushing the boat out, chancing his arm, trying to get away with things, behaving like the little sinner that he is, and it seems to me like I am always correcting, diciplng and giving out to him. It feels like the good times, the loving times, the affectionate times are gone...

Help me out here sisters. I would appreciate your oppinions and advice!

Thursday 25 September 2008


Here is something out of a book I am currently reading called 'No Holiness, No Heaven' bu Richard Alderson.
Its about Psalm 119.

Here are just a few principles extracted from the psalm; a recipe for growth in grace...

He prays God to open his eyes to see the wonderful things in God's law,
in which he takes great delight,
and which he is perpared to obey diligently.
He hides God's Word in his heart as a shield from sin,
as he meditates on it all day long.
He seeks God with all his heart
in prayer
in praise
and a concern for God's cause.
He longs to be free from sin
which he hates,
So he accepts chastisement gladly.
Strenghtened by fellowship with God's people,
he gives a bold witness to the world.


'When the law of God is written on our hearts, our duty will be our delight'
Matthew Henry

Tuesday 23 September 2008

Apples & Weddings!

On Saturday, Apple opened their first store in Ireland. It's a big deal to apple fans like my husband Niall, so, as all good wives do, I agreed to go up to Belfast with him first thing, before the wedding! We left Sean in the hands of our visitors (I know!) and headed off at what felt like the crack of dawn.

There was a queue of about 200 people and at 9 o clock, the doors opened and a crowd of youngsters came out, all wearing bright apple t-shirts, waving, cheering and giving high fives to the waiting crowd. It was all a bit of harmless fun and Niall enjoyed brousing around the shop and receiving his free t-shirt!
The wedding went off very well. The weather was amazing, concidering he had the wettest July, Aug & Sept on record here in Ireland. We all spent lots of time out on the grounds of the hotel before going in for the meal.

We still have another wedding this Saturday so I am looking forwards to that!

Sunday 21 September 2008


Annie posted me this link to U tube. It's a video of Autumn photos set to a song by a singer I have never heard of before, Alison Krauss "In the plam of Your hand"...

Thanks Annie!

Friday 19 September 2008

Millionare? Well... his first €2.20!

Here is Sean 'harvesting' the apples from our one and a half apple trees (don't ask).He is currently outside selling (and eating) them for 5 cents each!!!
All his neighbouring buddies turned up to support Sean's endeavours...
And by the way, this is what is left of Marie's birthday cake from the surprise party, the kids loved it!!!

Thursday 18 September 2008

50th Birthday Party!

Last week it was Marie's birthday and last night we had a surprise party for her in the Church Centre. The anticipation was fantastic!

A lot of her natural family were there and loads of her spiritual family too.
We hired out round tables, delph, table cloths etc and transformed the main worship area.

Some of Marie's working collogues bought her this fun cake!The dinner was served successfully thanks to Mary O who cooked it, and everybody else who served it...
The music and chat was good.

And God blessed the whole event...

We usually have the prayer meeting and song practice meeting on Wednesday evenings so it was no problem getting her to the building. We had a great evening that lasted on into the night. We went home at 10 and people were still there!

Saturday 13 September 2008

Someone elses blog

I have just read a lovely post on Heathers blog, "A Place of Quiet Rest" called

goodbye sea shells .... hello pumpkins

Pop over, I hope you will be refreshed as I have!

Thursday 11 September 2008

Midnight in A&E

Last night we took Sean to the hospital to check out something that was worrying us, however, everything is fine and we eventually got to our beds around 3 o'clock and turned our phones to silent!

Anyway, our doctor was a beautiful Russian lady who almost fell down with shock when Seán started to talk to her in Russian! She was just lovely and we got the chance to give her the link to my Russian Christian Testimony, but the comic relief came in the form of Seán while he was playing with a box of his plastic toy soldiers. After examining the base of one of them he said 'Oh, this one is called Hong Kong' and he wasn't even joking!!!

Wednesday 10 September 2008

Good hair day & a girls' night out!

Yesterday afternoon Mary O and I went to Yana's Hair Salon and got our hair washed and blow dried. Then Becky joined us and got her hair washed, trimmed and blow dried. Then Natasha joined us and had a wash and blow dry!!! Why? Well, It was my treat. I decided to treat these friends to a nice evening out. Becky is getting married in little over a week in Scotland and I can't make the wedding so this was my way of making up for it.
Even the hairdressers, Yana and Tanya, got a make over!Mary O did our make-up and then we headed off to 'La Cantina', an Italian Restaurant where we had pizza, salad, mushrooms, etc. Then we headed back to my home where Niall had a blazing fire ready for us. We sat around with a fresh fruit salad, ice cream and cream and just chatted. It was really great. Although Becky lives 2 doors down from me and we see each other regularly, we don't get the chance to have a proper talk because she has 4 children. Mary O has 3 and Natasha one, so it really was a chance to catch up without distractions!!!

Thanks to Yana, her hard work and generosity, it didn't cost me that much, and as for the restaurant, it worked out little more than €10 per head!

We hope to do it again, but this time everybody can pay for themselves!

Nature Walk in the Bally Mac.

Yesterday the weather was nice so we headed off to the local park for Seán to play in the play ground and then we went to our favourite place... The Bally Mac Hotel. It's beautiful all year round but it seems to be just that little bit nicer in the Autumn. They have an old walled garden with fruit trees, rhubarb and roses... and so we gathered apples and then went looking for chestnuts. It's an old House Hotel that has been up-graded to a 4 star and it boasts a golf course, swimming pool, fitness club and its own Dolmen!!! I am not kidding when I say it is my most favourite place in the whole world and am so glad it's only up the road. I have stayed there on different occasions over the years and recently, Niall took me to stay there twice for our wedding anniversary... Home away from home.

Nature Walk in the Bally Mac.

Thursday 4 September 2008

Catching up.

Well, like most families around this time, things have been quite busy at the MacCárthaighs. Seán is back to his schooling and he seems to appreciate it very much, especially when he can compare it to the attitudes of his friends who have to go to regular school. And just to make it a little bit special, we had a nice tea, Coke floats and a chocolate cake to mark our five and a half years home schooling, just for Seán you know!!!

We have started easily enough, working on his books etc. These past couple of mornings I have had a chance to go walking, once on my own, another time with Niall and Seán and today with Seán. We have seen a hawk and butterflies, picked blackberries and today we met an elderly man who invited us into his garden and showed us his bees, grape vines in his green house, and gave us freshly picked tomatoes! He said he hurt his arm last year and when he got it x-rayed they found he had cancer in one of his lungs so he had it removed in December. He also told me that he lives alone, his wife left him years ago because of his drinking... He invited us to come back in about three weeks when he will have some honey to give us. So Niall and I have decided to drop into him around the end of September and see how he is...

Last week we went to 'Funtasia' in Bettystown for the first time. It is a fun park with a great pool area. Natasha had promised to bring the children there before the holidays ended and so we all went and has a good day. It was something like the water park they have in Salou, Spain. We were there this time last year... Can't help thinking about this especially since this is the wettest August on record!

Last night we went to our mid-week prayer meeting and song practice in the Church building. It has been very encouraging to me lately to see more of our sisters and brothers in the Lord attending. It's not about numbers, but rather, it is about seeing a healthy love and concern for one another grow. The Lord seems to be stirring us up and it is just a joy to be there and to share our prayers with one another and to have fellowship with one another over a cuppa!Seán got his hair trimmed over in Yana's new Salon... He said he would like to work there every Saturday, for free, just to help her out... I would give him 2 hours and then see how he likes it!I took Seán shopping for vests, socks etc in the Shopping centre. I gave him the money and let him take care of it, while I stood in the side lines, all part of the learning process! He really enjoyed the whole idea of being responsible for his own stuff, and so we are working on letting him go to the local shop by himself. Not yet, but soon. It's hard. It's hard to know when it is time to let go in certain areas. I was in our local shopping centre and met up with a wee girl I know. She was there walking around without her parents and she is only 9??? Having said that, I don't want to make a mamma's boy out of him either. It's hard to know what to do, and so I am very glad to have Niall and the Lord to guide us in these things.

Last week Niall was working out in Carlingford and Seán and I went along for the spin which we sometimes do. I watched the sun setting while Seán threw stones into the bay... Lovely evening.Well, I hope that for you guys out there sending your kids to school, you found the transition easy going, and for you home schooling mums, I hope that your kids appreciate it!