Wednesday 6 August 2008

Catching up

Well, things have been a bit busy here this past couple of weeks. Sean sailed in his first race last Saturday. There were six kids sailing the small boats and five of them did not finish the race, it was hard going. Sean was one of the five. He was a bit disappointed but got over it quickly enough after he changed into warm clothes (it had rained and hailed out there) and played on the beach with his friend Sean R. We stayed for the prize giving and it was just great seeing all the kids and teens receive their cups. I think the whole experience will help Sean for future sailing.I finally have photos of the kids new Sunday School room. We bought tables and chairs so we can sit outside when the weather permits. As you can see, the children love sitting on the large balls!

Our sister in the Lord, Yana, opened her new hair salon last week. It looks great and during the service on Sunday she gave thanks to the Lord for things going smoothly... I enjoyed going in to visit her and say 'Hello' to her Russian customers in their own language. (One of the benefits of having my son learning the Russian language, I have picked up a phrase or two!)A few of us got together in the lads home out in Annagassan for a game of Trivial Pursuits. The crack was mighty and we got to know Michael, (from the States) a little better. That's him with guitar. He preached on Sunday and we were all very blessed, and impressed by the gift God has given to him in that particular department. He is training to be a pastor in Kentucky and is spending a little time over here in Ireland to see what the Churches are like over here. He said he is shocked and surprised at how small the Church is over here. He said he assumed that Ireland, and Europe in general had a large Christian population but now knows that in Ireland alone MAYBE about 4 to 5 % of the population are truly saved....

The weather here is up & down. It has been raining for two days straight, but on Monday evening, after the radio show, we headed out to the beach for a BBQ with Kevin and Michael. It was a beautiful balmy night and we didn't pack up until 10.45! Ahh, that's the ting that keeps me going during our Irish Summers, even when it rains you know there is a chance that things will change and that the sun will shine!


jean said...

Tell Yana I said congrats on her new shop! It looks terrific1 It looks like I left just in time. I don't think I could afford her now!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I love the update. So much to learn about Ireland and your sweet family. Congrats to Sean on entering the race. Finishing is just a part of it, but entering takes LOTS of courage. He'll be back next time and the knowledge will aid him. How exciting to sail alone! My Rachel would LOVE IT!

I'm a bit envious of your sweet rain. We are so PARCHED at the moment. August is ALWAYS hot and dry, and this year we actaully fear the occasional thunder storm as the lightening may begin a new fire. Yikes!

Your small but vital church bears a bright light in a land needing it so desperately. Here in US many claim Christianity, but few really have the salt and light in their life. I will be praying for your land; please pray for mine.

Have a happy Monday. I must be off this box and onto the daily life. I rested yesterday, so surely I must tidy today. : )

Kaber said...

Sailing Races for kids! How GREAT!!!

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