Wednesday 20 August 2008

Tidy-up and things

During these past few days I have had an urge to 'deep clean' my home, and when I get the urge to do this , and it's not very often, I go with it! (who knows when the next one will come!) We have a downstairs loo that we call "The Library". It has a couple of book cases in it that we bought second hand when we moved into our home a few years ago. Since then I have had a plan for me and Niall to build our own built in shelves so yesterday I took all the books out and put them on the kitchen table (to go into Sean's shed for a couple of weeks) and put the book cases under Sean's bed. I know that sounds like a weird place but I think it looks good! I intend to get the cash, buy the wood, wood stain etc., and start on the bookcase pretty soon.

I cleaned Seans bedroom from top to bottom, (v small room!) and got Niall to put up a few things with his drill, like this hanger that my neighbour Paula gave me. Up until now Sean had been hanging his dressing gown on the handle of the door so this is more handy and stops us having to pick it off the floor! He also hung up this little scripture that Evelyn gave Sean.

Next I started on the class room. I give it a thorough cleaning and passed on lots of things that Sean won't be using any more. Things like times-tables tapes, childish calculator, posters etc. Most of the walls are now clear for a new round of art work, posters etc. It looks particularly bare at the moment but it wont be long filling up!

Now, I have been reading other peoples blogs long enough to know that a LOT of you guys don't like the idea of using a school room when you are home schooling, but frankly, my home is small, and I would 'crack-up' if I had Sean's stuff was all over the house, so this is how we do it.

The clean room didn't last long however. You may remember that I have been helping one of Sean's friends with his school work during the summer. Well, when he was finished for the day today I allowed him to 'whittle' on a bar of soap with my son's smell pen-knife. We had some fun with that, and some cleaning up afterwards!

We bought Sean a pen-knife two years ago and started him the same way, with soap. I kept the knife in my bed-side locker and he only used it under supervision. Now, he has upgraded to a bigger one. I reckon it is better to teach Sean to use a knife now than to refuse him, and for him to eventually get his hands on one when he is older and do some serious damage with it...

Here is a photo of a scrapbook we have been working on during the summer. We have filled it up with Grammar facts and added in some newspaper cuttings. I hope to get my son to make one for himself this school year and add to it as he learns.

Last week we watched the eclipse of the moon. It was really, really nice to see it and a great reminder to us as a family about how amazing God is... better than any night out on the town!

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Heather L. said...

Some of us do like to have a schoolroom. :) I grew up being homeschooled and we nearly always had a schoolroom which we kids really loved. Now I have one for my kids. :) It does help to keep order in the house!