Saturday 16 August 2008

Stormy weather

Well, I am looking out my sitting room window this mid August day and what a surprise... Today it looks, sounds and feels like we are having a storm! The rain continues.

Yesterday the MacCarthaigh family and the O Hare family, along with Sean's friends Rhys and Sean R. took our American brother, Michael, up North to the beautiful Antrim Coast.

It was a wash out, good crack, good fellowship but a wash out. I can't say what he truly thought of it as he is very polite, but seeing as he is currently living in Kentucky I would think it is safe to say that he will be looking forwards to returning to the US on Monday!

We went to the Giants Causeway and then on to the Rope Bridge and we did manage to have a good picnic before the weather broke. Here are some shots from yesterday and some taken on the same site last spring, see if you can tell which... (!)

It was that bad I could barely take out my camera so ended up taking a few photos with my phone. We hope to make it up to him with our Church lunch tomorrow.

A quick phone call on the way back and at about 10 O clock our brother Kevin was waiting in our home with a fire lit to warm us up, AND he took Michael home the rest of the way saving Niall the trip. This left us able to have a hot bath, change into warm dry pyjamas, enjoy the fire and fall into bed.

Thanks Kevin.


Heather L. said...

So beautiful! someday I will make it to Ireland or N. Ireland. :)

I have to laugh about the "good crack." That term was new to us when we moved to Scotland. In America, "crack" is used for only one thing (drugs). :) Of course we found out it meant "conversation". We even have someone who signed our guestbook with "thanks for the good crack!" We're wondering what our American friends think when they read that!

Anonymous said...

When we came last summer we went to Giant's Causeway and it was a beautiful, clear day. Jeff said it was the best weather ever for him at the causeway. The Antrim Coast is beautiful. We did not need a fire to warm up when we came back to Dundalk. The picture of Carlingford is great. Thanks.


ruth said...

I LOVE the photo of the cliffs and the water--that sea is amazingly clear!