Friday 4 July 2008

What's this? - Independence Day in Ireland!

Here's a few photos of our visit to Stephenstown Pond, Knockbridge. They were celebrating the 4th of July with face-painting, live music, bar-b-q. I wonder will be be celebrating Thanksgiving Day next???


Jennifer in OR said...

Wonderful photos! How interesting to have 4th of July celebrations in another country!

Heather said...

Hi Ruth - thanks for your frequent visits to my blog, and your unfailing encouragement - I certainly appreciate it!

Your photos in this post are great - the last one is so precious and your casual family photo is definitely a keeper - Sean is really growing!

I've just read back a few posts - it is fun to see your grocery bargains - though, realizing they are in pounds makes me wonder how folks can afford to eat! Our sweet girl just recently grew into adult sized shoes and I am shocked that the price difference is so great.

I am sorry for all of the stress you are experiencing because of your relationship with your mother and brother. I will pray with you for their salvation. I do hope your mum's health improves enough to give her heart time to soften more to spiritual things.

It's lovely to visit here again - I don't get around to visiting all the blogs I'd like to - including yours!


e-Mom said...

How unusual... celebrating the Fourth of July in Ireland! It looks like you had a wonderful day with your family. :~D