Friday 4 July 2008


Just to let you know that I appreciate all your prayers... I am very humbled by the thoughts of people praying for me from the other side of the world, all the way to Heaven for me... Thank you very much, sisters.

I don't exaggerate when I say I went through a couple of Hellish days due to my own sins and the sins of my sibling. Finally, last night I sat on my bed and had a long talk with God, going back through a lot of things, through my relationship with my mum over the years, and He showed me very clearly what the situation is and how to proceed. He has answered your prayers and my own...

I have had a night of peace last night and a day full of peace today, a real calm after the storm.

I know I shouldn't be, but I am always surprised when God takes me through a particular trial. I am always surprised when He, once again, keeps His word and looks after me. I have to remember that the best of times when I was not saved have NOTHING to compare with the worst of times now... Give me trials with God any day than the best of times years ago.

After being put out of my mum's home for 3 years because I wouldn't promise not to say the word 'God' there, I agreed to go back last Saturday. I agreed without praying about it first.... I should have known better and it was a mistake. I haven't had a moments peace since then and now the Lord has shown me that I must back off and leave my mum and brother alone. In my flesh I think 'it's not fair' but God has other plans and so I have to leave it in His hands and wait.I don't mind, really I dont. So long as I know and understand what God wants I am ok. I have such a bad case of self righteousness sometimes and think I deserve certain things... Well, thankfully, because of Jesus and what He did on the cross, I wont get what I really deserve.

Thanks again friends.

Here are a few photos of what we got up to this past couple of weeks.
We visited our Russian Sisters new home. She and her husband have built it themselves and it is just beautiful, out on the Cooley Mountains!

We three visited Dublin Airport for Sean to get passengers to fill out a survey for his Home Schooling. We had a great day interview lots of foreigners, and we have included a photo of two girls from the US.

Here is a photo of Sean having a rare visit with his Nanny while she was in hospital.

On Sunday while driving home from the service, we stumbled over a collection of vintage cars parked in town. Niall took lots of photos and have put them all on our computer as screen savers!

We went to see Artem playing an Ice hockey match in the Ice Dome.

The Bible Club is still up and running and we had fun making a craft with the kids.

We went to visit another family joined to the Church, Mary and Colin. Their daughter "Molly" was playing a match so we went along to support her and spent a great evening with them all!

Today 4th July, we went out to a park that was having a fun day. There was live music, a BBQ, face painting, Magician etc and we had a great time. We took Sean's friends Rhys and Sean R along and believe it or not, the fun day in the park was to celebrate the 4th of July!!! I have no idea why we would be celebrating an American holiday in Ireland, but there you go!!!

Please forgive the quality of photos, I used the camera on my phone for them.

I must be feeling better because I have Sean R, Rhys and Dylan sleeping over tonight!!


Michele said...

That is funny to think of 4th of July celebrations in Ireland! :) Anyway, hope you had a good time.
Praying for your Mum.
Michele :)

Heather L. said...

So glad that the Lord has given some measure of peace with regard to your mum.