Wednesday 16 July 2008

Teaching Sean number 2

I am doing some school work with Sean this Summer, but not the Sean you might be thinking of! This is a friend and neighbour's son, Sean R who my Sean is friendly with. I have agreed to work with him two hours a day to help him catch up a wee bit for when he goes into 4th class in September.

He is a very pleasant boy, a 'cool dude', and it is easy to work with him. I decided that along with helping him with maths, reading and writing, I will do a couple of other bits and pieces.

Yesterday and today we were working on a 'Grammar Book'. We got a scrapbook for him and we are headlining the pages, Nouns, Verbs, Pronouns etc. Under each heading we are breaking it down and writing in words for examples and also cutting and pasting words and photos from newspapers.

I had planned to do this with my own son during the next term as the grammar will be more difficult for him in 5th class.

Well, so far so good... and Sean R. is really enjoying it.

I also started to teach him how to play chess... he took my Queen....

What can I say, I am either a great teacher or he is a great student?.. (don't answer that!)... probably the latter.

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Andrea said...

Hi! I jumped over from Jessica's blog! I saw Ireland and had to visit. When I was little I saw the Quiet Man and I was hooked. I hope we can visit one day. It is beautiful to me.
Nice to meet you.