Friday 18 July 2008

Shopping for clothes

I need some new clothes. I usually wear a lot of second hand clothes but I have noticed recently that it is all looking a bit ragged so I decided to try to juggle my money and see if I can find a few Euros someplace.

Yesterday, while in the Marshes I noticed that Dunnes Stores have a sale on. Some of the items on sale in the Ladies department have been marked down 75%!

Here is what I picked up...

A linen khaki wrapover skirt (I had seen it months ago and really wanted to buy it but couldn't) down from €28.00 to €7.00.

Basic t-shirts down from €5.00 to €4.00.

Chocolate linen blouse €22.00 to €7.00

White linen blouse €22.00 to €7.00.

Long blue and white top €18.00 to €7.00.

Niall and I had a chat the other evening and realised that we have been neglecting one another as a couple for a long time, so, this evening I am getting ready, going to wear some of my new clothes, get dressed-up for my man, meet up with Colin and Mary and have a nice meal!

Thank you Kevin for sitting with Seán, you are a gem!!!

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Heather L. said...

How wonderful to find some good bargains! I go for secondhand clothes too, but recently i've been finding that if I shop the really reduced clearances, and out of season, I can find things for the same price as the charity shops. It does take some looking....