Tuesday 1 July 2008


Going through a difficult time with a member of my family who is heavily involved with my mum. Mum's life seems to be winding down and the spiritual warfare has heated up. I have taken council from my husband and pastor and doing all I can to accommodate my sibling but ah, how hard it is to pour myself out for Christ's sake...

Neither my mum or my sibling are saves...
Please pray?


Heather L. said...

I do pray God gives you grace for a tough situation.

Heather L. said...

Thanks for your recent comment. I will be praying, even more so now. I'm reading a book called "The Heavenly Man" about a pastor in china and his story of torture and imprisonment for the Gospel. But the book is filled with testimony after testimony of how God's Spirit works in the most desparate circumstances. So, I will be praying along those lines.

ruth said...

Ruth, I know there is a reason why your life is connected to both Jesus and to your unsaved family. God has a purpose and a plan, and His purpose will stand and His plan will come to pass.

We do not understand how God works, and often we cannot see where the path leads that He has put us on.

Try to exercise you faith at this time as He is stretching you--try to work with Him and trust Him, that He knows the beginning from the end, that His Will will come to pass, that He is good, that (thank His Holy name!) He is in control and you are not, so you can rest in His arms.

I read Psalm 5 this morning. Maybe it would speak to your heart and strengthen you?

I pray for you.

HIS Daughter said...

I am praying for you, your Mum and your sibling.

You saw me on Sheila's blog and wrote on my blog.

Strangely when I read your prayer need - I know this one!

My brother is not saved. My Mom was and she had become "god" to my brother and my sister. She would pray for them always and even my brother would ask her to pray for a certain situation or opportunity.

When she passed away at age 83, he was devastated. He is still not saved. But I am still praying.

GOD is sovereign. You pray and believe HIM and wait on HIS perfect timing in all things.