Monday 21 July 2008

I don't bake... Too many years of living in Dublin and Dundalk with too many good bakers close by. However, you can't buy, to my knowledge, Corn Bread in Dundalk and if I like it and want to eat it I must bake it.

The first time I ate it was when I went to Mississippi seven years ago and Sheila baked it. The second time was in my friend Jean's home. Jean is from Texas and bakes hers fresh. A couple of years ago I asked her for the recipe and put it away. Well, today for the first time I baked bread and it turned out lovely!

I was planning to serve it this evening for dinner but decided to have a slice of it with my salad for lunch, it's just lovely!!! Next time that is a Church lunch I think I will bring some along and we can all eat it and remember Jean, who moved back to the Stated in January...

Thanks Jean!

The flowers are a gift from Natasha and the Hurricane lamp from Annie... Thanks girls!

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Christina said...

Congradulations on your corn bread! Thanks for popping over to my blog and saying hello. I had never heard that saying about green and blue -- it's a good one.