Monday 28 July 2008

For Michele

These are photos of some of the Birthday cakes Sean and I decorate (and sometimes Rhys!) for Niall and Sean's birthdays...
I have put them on here for Michele to have a little look!

"Sweet & Sour".... Popcorn, chocolate and M&M's!!!

"The Viking Ship".... Sean decided that it should be a burial ship so we put loads of candles on it, lit them and yes,... it did look like it was on fire! I got it on video but not on camera so you can't see the full effect. Click on the photo and have a closer look. It was a good one, melted the chocolate!

This is "The Space Ship"... It took Niall, (a treki) ages to figure out that the UFOM stood for "United Federation Of MacCarthaighs"!

Here is a cake made by Jean... a giant cookie,

and a series of small cookies. I think the reasoning behind the small cookies is that her cooker was broken so she improvised!!!


Michele said...

This is hilarious! :) Thanks for telling me about your cake!


Annie Blake said...

In 1995 I spent my 18th birthday on holiday with my bestfriend's family in Trabolgan holiday village, Co Cork. Her parents surprised me with two boxes worth of Mr Kipling's French Fancies arranged in a rectangle on a dinner plate, complete with candles & singing. It was the best birthday cake I've ever had! Delicious too :) Thanks for posting this blog Ruth, it just brought back a lovely memory x

ruth said...

That chocolate looks delicious!

You have so many nice pictures on your blog! I enjoy visitng and seeing all your photography.

I am not very nimble at the camera-computer connection yet.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I just love birthday cakes. We don't do presents for birthdays, but the "special" one gets to choose their favorite meal and dessert. Cakes are always #1 on the list and we've several excellent bakers, decorators, and designers in the family. The girls love using marzipan to sculpt Peter Rabbit, Pooh Bear, and all sorts of other delightful things. Sometimes we don't want to spoil it and eat the "Art." (But, we always do! Yum!!) Your cakes look DELISH!!

Mrs. Darling said...

I like the popcorn one. WWe had a family bakery when I was growing up. We did wedding cakes and catering. It was the largest domestic bakery on the West coast. It was a lot of work but oh, so, fun!

jean said...

Hey there! Who would eve think birthday cakes would inspire this much conversation? Ha!

MacCárthaigh Family said...

Especially seeing as I had completely forgotten to bring one along the first time we had a joint birthday party for Sean and Grace in your home... Oh the shame!!!