Saturday 12 July 2008

Day Trip

Yesterday we had a day away with seven boys! Sean, and some of his friends. Our local Garda Barracks supply a free 14 seater bus and driver to the community so we asked them for the use of it. Paul, the Community Guard picked us up in our estate at nine o clock and took us to the Garda Barracks for a tour of the building.

The boys loved this. Paul showed them some of the Garda uniform along with helmets etc and allowed the boys to try them on, of course this was a big success!

Then he took us to the cells, gym etc and ended the tour giving the boys lolly pops and chocolate. We did this before two years ago with a few home schooled kids and it was a great success, just as much as it was yesterday.

Then we all piled into the bus and Paul and a trainee Garda drove us to the Phoenix Park in Dublin City, the largest walled park in Europe. We had a picnic and then went to the play ground to let the kids run off some steam.

Then we all went to Collins Barracks. This is a pretty big museum. We showed the kids around for a while and then joined a guide who told us some of the history behind the museum. We had a look at a section devoted to the Boy Scouts which the boys just loved! Then on to a section that had the uniforms of Irish soldiers from all over the world, guns, tanks and even an air plane! It was just a great spot to take boys and because entrance into the museum was free, the whole day cost us nothing!!!

A few days before our trip, we had most of the boys meet in our local community hall and we made up some t-shirts, played games and had pizza for tea. Just a way of getting for the boys who haven't seen each other in a while to get re acquainted.

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