Saturday 26 July 2008

Breakfast in my garden, and oh, reason for photographer revealed!!!!

Here is where I had breakfast this morning, nice and quiet with no paparazzi! (ahhh, it's a hard life I tell you, this fame and fortune business!)

The chair & table were given to me by Natasha, the lamp came from Paula, the geranium from Paula's dad, the blanket from Jean last time she was in Texas, and she made the cushion herself. Lovely way to enjoy and remember my friends and neighbours.

The grass is wet from the rain last night but today it is warm and heavy, lazy and hazy with no breeze, a day to spend in my back garden......and a maybe a bit of time in the front garden. I have started to read 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer' to Sean, although we both prefer Niall to do the reading as we can have a good laugh at him putting on the accents!
Bargin of the week....

I bought two sets of these tables and chairs for the children in the Church so they can enjoy Sunday School outside and also on occasion their Church lunch... €24.99 down to €12.59 for one set.

How about this Sony cam corder. €799.00 down to €99.00!!!

Well, Sean has finished his level 2 Sailing course and has hung up his C Skins for a few days, because on Saturday he will, God willing, be sailing in his first race!! We went out to a nice Chinese restaurant to celebrate. Pop over to him on his blog and say hello and good luck!

Oh yess, the photographer... Well, the home we live in is owned by a company called Cluid Housing Association and they wanted to update their web site and put in photos of a family who likes living in this estate, and we do, so they asked us, hence breakfast with a flash!


Christina said...

That's great! So you are the "model family" for their website. =) What fun.

I loved the pics of your back garden. My goodness, if I was closer I'd pop over to have a little knit with you in your beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing the beauty!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oooooh! Your garden is beautiful. I adore lupine. Yours are gorgeous. My lupine live for a year or two and then just fade away. I haven't had any for two years now. Guess it's time to plant some more. ; ) Lovely spot for breakfast.