Monday 28 July 2008

For Michele

These are photos of some of the Birthday cakes Sean and I decorate (and sometimes Rhys!) for Niall and Sean's birthdays...
I have put them on here for Michele to have a little look!

"Sweet & Sour".... Popcorn, chocolate and M&M's!!!

"The Viking Ship".... Sean decided that it should be a burial ship so we put loads of candles on it, lit them and yes,... it did look like it was on fire! I got it on video but not on camera so you can't see the full effect. Click on the photo and have a closer look. It was a good one, melted the chocolate!

This is "The Space Ship"... It took Niall, (a treki) ages to figure out that the UFOM stood for "United Federation Of MacCarthaighs"!

Here is a cake made by Jean... a giant cookie,

and a series of small cookies. I think the reasoning behind the small cookies is that her cooker was broken so she improvised!!!

Saturday 26 July 2008


This beauty is Cara and she has spent most of the day with me. While we sat in the back garden, me knitting and she holding the wool, I asked her to sing me a song which she did. Then, I told her about a song I sing. It's about an orphaned boy who is blind and nobody wants him. In the song he says he will go to Heaven. I told Cara that there is no blindness or crying or pain in Heaven, and, wait for it... she asked me

"Is there toilets there?"

??? Don't you just love kids!!!

Breakfast in my garden, and oh, reason for photographer revealed!!!!

Here is where I had breakfast this morning, nice and quiet with no paparazzi! (ahhh, it's a hard life I tell you, this fame and fortune business!)

The chair & table were given to me by Natasha, the lamp came from Paula, the geranium from Paula's dad, the blanket from Jean last time she was in Texas, and she made the cushion herself. Lovely way to enjoy and remember my friends and neighbours.

The grass is wet from the rain last night but today it is warm and heavy, lazy and hazy with no breeze, a day to spend in my back garden......and a maybe a bit of time in the front garden. I have started to read 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer' to Sean, although we both prefer Niall to do the reading as we can have a good laugh at him putting on the accents!
Bargin of the week....

I bought two sets of these tables and chairs for the children in the Church so they can enjoy Sunday School outside and also on occasion their Church lunch... €24.99 down to €12.59 for one set.

How about this Sony cam corder. €799.00 down to €99.00!!!

Well, Sean has finished his level 2 Sailing course and has hung up his C Skins for a few days, because on Saturday he will, God willing, be sailing in his first race!! We went out to a nice Chinese restaurant to celebrate. Pop over to him on his blog and say hello and good luck!

Oh yess, the photographer... Well, the home we live in is owned by a company called Cluid Housing Association and they wanted to update their web site and put in photos of a family who likes living in this estate, and we do, so they asked us, hence breakfast with a flash!

Thursday 24 July 2008

Breakfast at MacCárthaighs!

Well, our life isn't exactly "Dallas" (showing my age there!) but every now and again something interesting and a little exciting happens... like a photographer taking photos of us eating our breakfast!!!

Tuesday 22 July 2008

Update on sailing...

Today, as part of his sailing lesson, Seán had to capsize his craft and he didn't want to. He tried everything to get out of it. I came along and encouraged him (ahem..) so he gave it a go, was successful, turned around and cried out 'Hey mum, that was awesome!'

Here are a few photos from today. I managed to zoom the camera on my phone for a shot of him capsizing his boat!

Had my friend's children with me today so the blond boy is Denis. Also, the granny in the chair knitting is me!

I just put Seán to bed and he said that he can't wait to go back tomorrow to do the capsizing again!

Best written and funniest post I EVER saw on a blog!

If you want a good laugh pop over to Wisteria and Roses. This lady has posted about what her 91/2 year old has gotten up to lately. Very, very funny!

Monday 21 July 2008

A little gem!

I forgot about this one...

Yesterday (Sunday) after the Church service we went out to visit Mick, Kevin and Philip. They had invited us out for lunch, and while we were all sitting around the dining room table eating lunch Sean came out with something like this...

Just imagine, if the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden wasn't a fruit at all, but broccoli, then maybe Adam wouldn't have sinned at all. Well, if it was me, I wouldn't have sinned, not if it was broccoli!
One for the books.My little philosopher...
Mary's children spent all last week at the Ice Skating Club here in the Ice Dome in town. They just love it and on Saturday they took part in a show, which I missed. However, here is a photo of them anyway, They haven't got their beautiful dresses on, just there normal duds.

Presenting.... "Molly & Emily"!!
I don't bake... Too many years of living in Dublin and Dundalk with too many good bakers close by. However, you can't buy, to my knowledge, Corn Bread in Dundalk and if I like it and want to eat it I must bake it.

The first time I ate it was when I went to Mississippi seven years ago and Sheila baked it. The second time was in my friend Jean's home. Jean is from Texas and bakes hers fresh. A couple of years ago I asked her for the recipe and put it away. Well, today for the first time I baked bread and it turned out lovely!

I was planning to serve it this evening for dinner but decided to have a slice of it with my salad for lunch, it's just lovely!!! Next time that is a Church lunch I think I will bring some along and we can all eat it and remember Jean, who moved back to the Stated in January...

Thanks Jean!

The flowers are a gift from Natasha and the Hurricane lamp from Annie... Thanks girls!

Good things about Sailing Clubs!

One of the GREAT things about Sean going sailing is that his appetite grows!!! For years I have been struggling with Sean's eating habits. He eats, and he eats quite a range of foods but he is soooooooooo slow.

The other day he came home from Carlingford after sailing for 4 hours and almost ate the pattern off the plate!!!

And just for the fun of it, here is a photo of him at the Barbers.

Friday 18 July 2008

Step mother

Today I met up with Adeline and went to the Fairways Hotel for coffee and cake. We haven't met up in ages so it was really nice to spend some time with her. It's been seven months since my dad died and only two months since her brother died. I have a small idea of how she may be feeling seeing how my fiancé had died when I was pregnant with my son Seán. She mentioned that today and could see how awful it was for me at the time. I remarked how it is really only people who have lost a partner of their own can really appreciate how awful it is for someone else.

I remember how I had blamed myself for his death, although I had nothing to do with it (Sean died in a car accident and I wasn't even there) and then how, months later I blamed him and felt angry with him...

We talked about how people grieving can go through so many different emotions. I told her it will take time before she even begins to feel half normal.

I hope that someday I will be able to comfort her in the same way that the Lord comforted me with regards to Sean's death.

Shopping for clothes

I need some new clothes. I usually wear a lot of second hand clothes but I have noticed recently that it is all looking a bit ragged so I decided to try to juggle my money and see if I can find a few Euros someplace.

Yesterday, while in the Marshes I noticed that Dunnes Stores have a sale on. Some of the items on sale in the Ladies department have been marked down 75%!

Here is what I picked up...

A linen khaki wrapover skirt (I had seen it months ago and really wanted to buy it but couldn't) down from €28.00 to €7.00.

Basic t-shirts down from €5.00 to €4.00.

Chocolate linen blouse €22.00 to €7.00

White linen blouse €22.00 to €7.00.

Long blue and white top €18.00 to €7.00.

Niall and I had a chat the other evening and realised that we have been neglecting one another as a couple for a long time, so, this evening I am getting ready, going to wear some of my new clothes, get dressed-up for my man, meet up with Colin and Mary and have a nice meal!

Thank you Kevin for sitting with Seán, you are a gem!!!

Something nice...

I borrowed (!) this from Tamara at 'Of Noble Character.'

It is a lovely thing to strive for....

"I believe that a godly home is a foretaste of heaven. Our homes, imperfect as they are, must be a haven from the chaos outside. They should be a reflection of our eternal home, where troubled souls find peace, weary hearts find rest, hungry bodies find refreshment, lonely pilgrims find communion, and wounded souls find compassion..."

~ Jani Ortlund

Wednesday 16 July 2008

Teaching Sean number 2

I am doing some school work with Sean this Summer, but not the Sean you might be thinking of! This is a friend and neighbour's son, Sean R who my Sean is friendly with. I have agreed to work with him two hours a day to help him catch up a wee bit for when he goes into 4th class in September.

He is a very pleasant boy, a 'cool dude', and it is easy to work with him. I decided that along with helping him with maths, reading and writing, I will do a couple of other bits and pieces.

Yesterday and today we were working on a 'Grammar Book'. We got a scrapbook for him and we are headlining the pages, Nouns, Verbs, Pronouns etc. Under each heading we are breaking it down and writing in words for examples and also cutting and pasting words and photos from newspapers.

I had planned to do this with my own son during the next term as the grammar will be more difficult for him in 5th class.

Well, so far so good... and Sean R. is really enjoying it.

I also started to teach him how to play chess... he took my Queen....

What can I say, I am either a great teacher or he is a great student?.. (don't answer that!)... probably the latter.


On Monday Seán started his two-week training with the Sailing Club out in Carlingford. Last year he completed Level zero, and Level 1. This year, Lord-willing, he will be completing Level 2. He loves it and I am grateful.

I know how important it is for kids (especially home-schooled) to be active and that it is preferable for them to have an interest in at least one sport. Over the years we have tried him in various sports; Soccer, Rugby, Horse riding and Ice skating being some of them, and so we are VERY glad that he has settled on one that he likes... loves!

He is crazy about any kind of boats. He said when he grows up he wants to join the Irish Navy. He likes to go swimming most weeks, and over the past few years we send him to the swimming camps a couple of times a year where he has come along really well.

Both his grandfathers were sea men and there is no doubt in my mind that it is in the blood...

You would want to hear some of the stories he has been telling me this last two days, how he is enjoying the races, stealing other peoples wind, helping out on the rescue boat, falling into the water, tying knots and having rowing races... Can't wait to hear the update this evening! I will post a few photos over the fortnight.

What will Heaven NOT be like...

(I have highlighted some of the names on this post. If you click on most of them you will be able to read their testimonies.)

A couple of weeks ago I posted about some thoughts I was having about Heaven and decided I would have to get back to it again and write a post about what I thought Heaven was NOT like. I asked a few people what they looked forwards to in Heaven.

Ruth from 'Ruth's thoughts and memories' said the following.....
I wrote a post a long time ago about how there won't be any nerves or hormones in Heaven. Hallelujah!

Also, there won't be back pain or migraines.

No conflict, no shouting, no tears. No tears! The Bible says that. How wonderful!

No injustice, no fear, no insecurity, no shame, no confusion.

No pollution, no traffic jams, no sweat (I imagine), no mosquitoes (or, it there are some, they won't bite), no cancer, no accidents...

It's going to be great!

Stephen said he is looking forwards to no conflict... This figures, as he is a pastor and I know he has to deal with this problem more than anybody else in our Church.

Ann said she is looking forwards to being with Jesus

Mick said no more ME (
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and weakness and sin. He is also looking forwards to seeing his son Luke who was stillborn.

Marie is looking forwards to meeting up with some old friends, and I mean old! She wants to meet some of the Saints from yesteryear... and also a few from her own life time.

My son, Seán asked me last year will people eat in Heaven, I said that I think they do and he became VERY disappointed! He is a poor eater and so this is something that,
(Lord-willing, if he gets saved) he will not be looking forwards to. Mind you, I expect when he is a teenager his appetite, and his mind will change on that one!!!

I am currently reading a book called 'What the Bible teaches on Heaven by Roger Ellsworth.' and so far it seems to be pretty good.

At the moment my thoughts seem to be geared towards my home and what I don't particularly like doing, day in, day out, year in, year out. I don't always feel like this, but well, this is where I am right now. So when I think about Heaven, my thoughts are drifting towards what is not there.

While talking to my brother in the lord, Kevin, I told him that I am looking forwards to their being no dust, and if there is dust, well, it won't bother me will it? Kevin, ever the scientist (He is one!) told me that seeing as dust is made up of (about) 70% dead skin, I can rest assured there won't be much of it in Heaven!!

What else do I look forwards to? There will be no more need for me to be forgiven time and time again, and I will never sin against God again, now there's a thought to help get me through the day!!!

i phone

As you may remember, my husband Niall has an i phone since April. He really likes it and has spent the last few days down loading all sorts of freebies from Apple for it. One of the freebies is going to be very handy. You can have access to the Bible in many different versions.

You can also copy whatever you are looking at on this phone at any given time, and forward it to anybody by e mail. It really could come in very handy if you are not sure where a particular scripture verse is... Well done to Apple.

Monday 14 July 2008

Would you fall for that one?

A friend in the US sent this to my husband.
Read on if you'd like to smile........or maybe, wince, a little!

A former board member of the Lakewind Church in Tennessee has sued the church and its pastors, saying that he was injured when he fell after the spirit took him during a church service.

According to the complaint, Matthew Lincoln was participating in the evening service at the church when a visiting minister touched his forehead after Lincoln came to the altar. "Mr. Lincoln received the spirit and fell backwards striking the carpet-covered cement floor . . ., causing him to sustain severe and permanent injuries." Lincoln alleges that the fall aggravated a pre-existing back injury, rendering him unable to work.

He says the church is responsible because it "has a practice and custom" of having "catchers" whose job is "to catch someone who would fall out, faint, lose control, or otherwise need assistance when the spirit caused them to fall out while being prayed for." Lincoln said that in the past the catchers always caught him, but on this occasion, they did not. He is suing the church for negligent catcher supervision.

Lincoln wants $2.5 million, although he is likely to have difficulty proving at least the lost-earnings part of his damages. According to the complaint, Lincoln was already unable to work due to his previous back injury, though he had recovered sufficiently to play guitar in the church band and to "pursue his odd hobbies" (which seems to mean something like "odd jobs" as opposed to hobbies that are truly odd). He had also formerly operated a music business of some kind, but the complaint says that too had suffered a setback.

The equipment he used in that business was destroyed by lightning.

Sunday 13 July 2008


Today our little sister and brother in the Lord got Baptised today in Virginia USA.
They and their parents moved there in January and we miss them. The people who attended our church service this morning got together for this photo to wave hello to them and congratulate them!

Also, our sister Mary is celebrating her 46th wedding anniversary tomorrow so we gave her a bunch of flowers and a card.
We just got these photos of Peter and Grace's baptisms tonight!