Monday 2 June 2008

Wedding photos

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Wife of valor has posted on Marriage Monday and her photos are beautiful!
It's been almost 6 years singe Niall and I wed and so I thought I would refresh my own memory of the day by posting a few photos of my own! We didn't have a professional photographer on the day so don't be too disappointed by the quality, but rather, think on the GREAT blessing the day was to Niall and me.

I can hardly believe that we had our first kiss on our wedding day, and because lots of our friends and relatives knew this they gave a huge round of applause when we kissed, really, we have the evidence on video!!! By the goodness and grace of God we have a terrific tale to tell concerning our wedding day and I must write a post on it soon.

Ok, I will try to give you a quick run down on our wedding. We started our courtship with the understanding that there would be no holding hands, kissing, cuddling etc in case it didn't work out... After 7 weeks Niall proposed to me and within 6 months we were married. I was a year saved! I know that this sounds dodgy but even though Niall was 15 years saved by then, Stephen our pastor had been discipline me and the Lord 'grew' me VERY quickly so Stephen thought the match equal... and time has proven him to be right...

We were as poor as church mice but would have been happy with a tiny wedding but in our hearts we wanted to invite everybody we ever met so that they would hear the Gospel, so the little Church that we are joined to arranged the whole wedding, catering and all.

We got married on a Sunday which is most unusual in Ireland and after the service, (where Niall and I kissed for the very first time!) the tables were set up and lunch was served. The Church bought tables and hired out the delph and cutlery and glasses etc for the day. Each member brought in food with them (Marie organised this monumental task) as did some of Niall and my family members, and we had a feast for almost 200 guests.

A sister in the Lord made us the most beautiful 3 tier wedding cake,
another paid for the cold meat which was in the hundreds,
another family provided the flower arrangements for the Church building,
another family provided my bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers, flowers for the top of my veil, flowers for my bridesmaid and the button holes for Niall, the best man and Sean,
another member made up all the invitations and table notes,
other people provided our wedding rings,
other people valeted Niall's car for us
and yet other people rented out a beautiful hooded cape for me to wear to the Church because we got married in November.
Someone else provided the photographs,
and somebody else provided the video.
A sister/brother in the lord (still unknown to us) put £400 in an envelope and this paid for the rent of Niall and Sean's matching suits AND the purchase my new wedding dress.
Somebody else bought my veil
and people even provided two honeymoons for us!!...
Without being too familiar, the only thing I had to buy was my under wear and my shoes!

The Lord, mostly through his people, provided everything for our day and more than 125 un-saved people heard the Gospel preached that day, many for the first time in their lives.

Our day ended about 4 o clock and so we went to visit our pastor's mother in her home who had been invited but couldn't come, (a couple of years later the Lord saved her 3 weeks before her death) and we went to visit Marie's mum and dad who are elderly and had also missed the wedding. Then we went to visit a young man (teenager) who was in hospital with a lot of back pain and had missed our wedding (this was something else, walking up the corridor in my wedding dress, veil and beautiful cape!!!) and then we went to visit a dear friend and sister in the lord who was old and couldn't come to the wedding. We sat in her parlour in front of the fire and she wept... She died a couple of weeks late and we are so glad we made the effort to go to her.

Finally, Niall carried me over the threshold into his tiny rented council house and there I found a big mattress on the floor in the sitting room with new sheets etc on it, a huge log and coal fire, soft drinks, crisps and other goodies and what more can I say!!! Well, not a lot here anyway!

Our wedding day was a dream come true for us... Praise the Lord.


Found said...

What a treasure, to have waited for your guys' first kiss on your wedding day!!!

Beautiful photos too. I didn't have a pro photographer either. You look very beautiful and happy in the photos.

May the Lord bless you as you continue to walk in His grace!

PS Thanks for the link! :)

e-Mom said...

You're such a handsome couple! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading about how the people of God provided everything you needed for your wedding (except your shoes).

Well, that first kiss must have been a whopper! Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday... all the way from Ireland.

Many blessings,
e-Mom @ Chrysalis :~D

Connie Marie said...

I am in awe of your discipline to not kiss, cuddle until you were married. How strange is that to hear today? At least here in America!

I love how your wedding day was shared by so many! They all made an investment into your lives and I find that to be beautiful.

What a beautiful expression of care and love to go to visit all those who could not come to your wedding too.

God's blessings on your marriage, thanks for sharing. I so enjoyed it. It is a blessing to me to hear there are people that do not live for the moment alone.

Tammy said...

What an anticipated kiss this was for you and your love...that is truly so special! And truly disciplined, too!

I so enjoyed hearing about your wedding and seeing your beautiful photos!