Sunday 1 June 2008

Teaching Sean 2

I had an enquiry about my last post on teaching Sean so I think I should spend a bit more time on the subject and explain properly a little about Sean's education.

To re-cap, when God converted me Sean was 3 years old. I went to Mississippi to visit a Christian family. The children in this family were home schooled by their mum. I had never even herd about home schooling but after seeing it done first hand for over 3 weeks I could see many benefits but thought it wasn't for me as I had no partner (I think you really need a partner to help you, not academically but emotinally) so I put the thought out of my head.

Next thing you know the Lord produces a parter for me, one who thinks home schooliing is the way to go! When Sean was 4 I started to school him myself and continued to teach him until he was 6 and then put him into a school. I didn't pray about it, I just assumed that because I had no Irish to speak of that I couldn't continue to teach him so off he went. I looked forwards to it bcause it gave me more time to myself.

Sean got on very well in school with the teachers and other children. He was a bit behind in reading but that was all. After a year in school the Lord relly impressede upon me to school him again. I prayed and thought about it, eventually telling Niall. Niall thought it was a good idea so we said it to a few people in the Church so they would pray that God would direct us. Well, He did and so after being in regular school for one and a half years I began schooliing himm myself. This time, however, I found out that he isn't oblliged to learn the Irish language so that took care of that opistacle for me!

I started again in January 05 but felt a wee bit apprehenive so Niall and I decided to ask Janet, a sister iin the lord who is a school tesacher to come on board with us. She had just finished training and after meeting with us and talking the whole thing through she agred to help lus so once a month she would come to our home and help out giving advice etc. She gave me a copy of the cirriculum that all the schools in Ireland use and she also helped me pick kall Sean's school books for the next two years. God is good, and He provided her with a husbantd too, but in Australlia! Anyway, Janet introduced us to her friend Kate who lives in Dublin. Kate is also a Born Again Christian and teacher. Kate met up with us all and after praying about it, decided to help us out too. We do give Kate a small fee, but really, it only just covers the cost of her fuel and the gifts she insists on bringing down to sean!!!

We don't have to have a teacher on boars but I have foound it helpful, not only in relation to inablilng me to teach Sean but also in other ways. It seems to ruffel people's feathers that I home school Sean so the knowledge that there is a fully qualified teacher on board helps calm a few nerves...

Her in Ireland it is perfuctly legal to home school our children but not too many avaiil of this freedom. The law states that the parents are responcible for the education of our children wether this is in a private school, public school, tutors or home school. `David Nuton, from the National Educational Welfare Board came out to visit us in the eairly days to assess us and then put our name on the Department of Educations register.

So that's it! I have another two years to school Sean until he is ready for secondary school. It's eairly days yet but I really hope to be able to continue to school him for a year or two after that. Sean loves to be educated at home and I love teaching him. It's not just about education, its about a lifestyle. Our lives are so much happier, calmer, relaxed and plesant now...

So to answer Ruth's question, Kater is a qualified primary school teacher and my sister in Christ!

The first photo is of Janet and her husband Sean from Down Under, the middle one is of me, Kate and Sean, and the bottom photo was taken over 2 years ago and it is Sean playing chess with David Newton, a very nice, educated, funny and interesting man who is all for home educators and just happens o be from the US! He showed Sean how to Check Mate his opponement in just 5 moves!

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