Thursday 12 June 2008


Last year I decided to make something decorative for my hallway. It is a small long hall with little light and painted yellow, so I wanted to make something bright that would suit it. I have never quilted before and thought I would give it a go. My friend Jean sews and has made some very beautiful quilts for her two children, so seeing her make them encouraged me to try my hand at it.

So, I decided to use yellow in the design and create a theme along the lines of Autumn. I sewed acorns and leaves etc on the panels. Eventually I would like to make another three for Spring, Summer and Winter and hang them up during the appropriate seasons..

Anyway, I took the almost finished article over to Jean to show her and she suggested to get a piece of wood to hang it on, and on our way home from her house that evening we spotted some workmen trimming the local trees, so we stopped and asked them to cut a piece down to size, which they did, so that's what is on top of the finished work!

I have to say that I was more than a little surprised with the results. I really thought it would be a disaster and so it gave me the courage to start work on Sean's quilt! A few years ago Jean told me she was collecting her children's favourite t-shirts and was planning to eventually make two t-shirt quilts out of them. So I started to collect Sean's favourite t-shirts, pyjamas etc. Well, as you know, it was Sean's 10th birthday this month so I thought it would be nice to try to have the quilt made in time to give to him as a gift.

I had posted in the past about Sean and presents and money etc, here and I am very aware of how much Sean and other kids have in this society we live in, and both Niall and I are trying to curb this whole thing in Sean's life. So this is the main reason I wanted to make a gift for Sean, this and the fact that I would like him to have something personal from me that he can take into his adult life and who knows, even pass on to one of his kids (forward planning or wishful thinking?!!).

Anyway, here are a few photos of the quilt as I had been making it... And by the way, Sean loves it!
Some of the t-shirts were,
Lego, Bionicle.
A t-shirt hand made for Sean by Peter & Grace when he was 4 years old and in hospital,
Home made Star Trek,
A Crocodile t-shirt Peter made Sean,
Some baby clothes from when Sean was 3 months old,
A Den t-shirt from a visit Sean had to RTE (television)
Samba Soccer Summer Clubs,
Summer Bible Clubs,
T-shirt from Portugal from when he was 2 years old,
T-Shirt from Travis Avenue Baptist Church,
Our favourite Hawaiian shirt!...

I had fun making it, along with denim from Niall's old jeans, but would think again before making another. However, I do plan to make him a different kind of quilt for MacCarthaigh day!!

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ruth said...

This is a great idea. I am thinking of "stealing" it. Except I don't know if could quilt or not.