Wednesday 4 June 2008

Mini Marathon

Well, Becky and I walked the marathon together and we had a ball! What a day. The weather was fabulous, the crowd was huge and the crack good!

The queue to the toilets were something else...Becky & I were interviewed for radio! There was 3 different starting points, for runners, joggers and walkers. This marathon is the largest women's marathon in the world and there was well over 40 thousand taking part.Lots of women collect money for their favourite charity and wear t-shirts to show which ones they support. Here are a few examples.
It's a tradition each year at the marathon for the local firemen to stand outside their station and hose anybody walking past on their side of the road... just to cool you down of course, sure where would we be without them! This years medal was the shape of a heart! I have a photo of me and Becky with them on taken after the event but can't find it just now.. will go looking!
Ah, here it is!

And here are my medals from the four Mini Marathons I've far!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks like great fun! Well done!