Saturday 21 June 2008

Hello again,
mum is home from hospital. She had a couple of scans on her liver and we think that it may be damaged due to all the medication she has had to take over the years. We should get the results soon.
We went to visit our Russian sister in the Lord, Yana on Sunday and she quite shyly showed us around her new home. Her husband and she have built it themselves and it is really beautiful. My testimony in Russian is here!Yesterday a Christian pastor from another Church used our premises to wed a Latvian couple, and so, if you want to read my testimony in the Latvian language click here! (and if you want to read my testimony in English read it here!)
We also visited other breathern, Colin and Mary the other evening. Their daughter Molly was playing a game of Gaelic football and so we joined them to lend a bit of support. Later we went back to their home and ended up having supper and then a sing-song until quite late!!! It was a good visit.


Heather L. said...

So nice to find your comment on my blog. I will enjoy reading a blog from Ireland!

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear that your Mum is ill. I am one of Cassie's (Homeschooling Four) friends from her church in Florida. To have fun without spending a lot of money we like to take a trip around the world at the library. "Passport on a Plate" is an awesome cookbook with recipes from different countries using "normal" ingredients. The recipes are kid friendly and really good. We also get books on the country we would like to study to learn more. Sometimes our library has music from the country we chose also. If we are really lucky we can find a video of the country. All for free at the library! We make decorations for the table to go along with the theme from the country with items found in the house. You could tie in some missions by looking up a missionary from the country you are studying and find out what their prayer requests are. Maybe a service project could be started for that Missionary too!

Have a blessed day!

Dianna Mason

MacCárthaigh Family said...

Dianna, thank you so much for this idea. I think it is really good and I will pass it on to my friend 'Jean'.

We have a couple of people we know who come from Russia and because of this, and the fact that Sean is learning how to speak Russian, I think we will try this one out for ourselves during the Summer and invite them along for a Russian meal!