Wednesday 25 June 2008


Teach Your Children to Pray

I have started to read 'Teach Your Children To Pray, by Denise George'. I don't know what to think of it yet, there are a couple of things I do not fully agree with, but so far I have gleaned some ideas from it.
One of them would be the idea of confessing our sins with each other before family Bible reading and prayer.
Another idea would be to start a caned food collection. Buy a can every week, and when y0u fill a box, give it to a family in need and pray for them.

I was encouraged to note that we are, as a family, getting some of it right!

Here is an idea of our own that we have put together for Sean.

We put a pin board/white board in his bedroom and got photos of family and friends we know and pined some of them on the board and wrote their names on it.
Every now and again we change the photos and names and pray for the new bunch. I like the idea of the visual and I think it might work well, especially with children.

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Under the Florida Sun said...

Hi there.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

You have a great blog here.

I love this idea. What a great way to pray together as a family.

We have always kept prayer journals. We started it when my girls were little. Now that they are teenagers we can look back through them and see how God has answered. Such a blessing.

Have a beautiful day!