Sunday 8 June 2008

Beach party/BBQ

Well the big day has come and gone and like every 7th of June, thanks to God, the weather was beautiful. Seán had stayed the night in his friend's house and so he had a 'birthday breakfast' there! When he got home he opened his presents that Niall and I gave him. I had finished a 't-shirt' quilt I had been making him and Niall had given him a pen-knife, computer game and a hiking stick. Seán just loved all the gifts especially the iPod touch he had been saving up for since last Autumn.

We asked Kevin and Mike to help us for the day so they arrived with their car and transported children and things to the beach. Niall packed up our car with the BBQ and off we went. Lisa, Seán's Russian teacher (from Latvia), joined us. She had balloons and a gift for Seán, along with a Russian birthday card she made for him and she sang 'Happy Birthday" to him in Russian.

The tide was in and we had food and drinks. Lots of our guests arrived throughout the day. We had taken spare wet suits along with us (bought them in sale last October for €3 each!) and most of the kids spent the best part of the day in the ocean playing with small boats and floats etc. There was no squabbling, arguing or fighting I am glad to report.

Niall cooked and then made a giant sandcastle. We put up a tent for the kids to change into and we also set up a volley ball net. Niall had made a piñata and there was a water balloon fight that the kids particularly liked. We couldn't light the candles on the cake which didn't bother Seán, and his two grannies turned up at the party! This is pretty amazing since the last time we had the two of them together with Seán was when Seán was about 4 months old!

Everybody just chilled out and the party went on well past teatime. Yana and Rhys said it was the best party they have ever been to and you know, I think it was too!!! Enjoy the photos.


Stephen said...

Beach Party! Like the raft, bet that was fun... Any pictures of Chaisleán MacCárthaigh?

amy said...

Happy belated birthday, Sean!