Monday 5 May 2008


Last wek Niall and I took Sean and Dylan to W5 in Belfast City. We went a couple of times before and were looking forwards to going again and since Dylan will be leaving us for the Summer in two weks we decided to make a special day of it for him. We packed a lunch, and when we got there we paid in. You can come and go as often as you like all day long so we took in a movie and then went back in to have another play!
It's a faboulious place and I recomend it to anybody.

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irishsponsible said...

hi ruth im glad life is on the up for you i read your story even though i already knew it didnt know you got married again didnt get an invite you deserve all the happiness in the world found all this by accident hi if there was someone i would have never thought would have become religious it would have been you from an old friend hope life treats you well .j not real email address bye