Friday 30 May 2008

Teaching Sean

Sean has has a couple of very easy weeks as far as schooling goes and so this week he got back to normal.  Last Summer I marked out his books in such a way that he should be finished by the end of June and therefore have the Summer off.  However, Something nice has happened...  He has finished all his English books early and next week he should be finished his History, Geography and Science book, leaving him with just his maths, which he will be finished by the end of June, which means that he is in fifth class, ahead of time!

I am glad for him because you know how boys are, he likes to excel,  and I am glad for me because it just gives me that little bit of encouragement that I need every now and again.  

Kate, (our teacher and sister in the Lord who comes up from Dublin City every couple of months or so to help me and give me advice etc)  came to visit us on Monday.  We showed her some of Sean's work and also went through the maths book for next year.  It takes quite a jump between 4th and 5th class and so needs that little bit of extra attention from us.  She is happy with his progress.  I like having her call because she is a source of knowledge,  strength and encouragement to me and although I am more comfortable with my abilities in teaching Sean, I still need accountability and advice, so thanks Kate!


ruth said...

Is KAte an official person, or a sister in the Lord?

irishsponsible said...

just checked back today as i said found this by chance checking something in dundalk probably didnt read comment as i left it at belfast w5 i know not fair as i know who you are and you dont know who i am even thou you do read this time about your father its mesmerizing the faith you have hope life keeps treating you well check back on you now and again if ok dont worry not crazy person j

MacCárthaigh Family said...

Hi James!!!
well, I think that is you! It's lovely to hear from you. Just the other day I was reading to Sean from a book you gave me years ago for a Christmas present called 'Summer Cup'. It is a lovely book about Summertime and it is also sented... still is. You got it from your auntie who had a book shop from what I remember.

I am glad you are stoping by. What can I say? There is a huge difference between deciding to follow a perticular religion and comming face to face with God... He is real and rather than try to wade through all the religions of the world, all you have to do is ask Him to show Himself to you and He will, that is, if you really (really!) want Him. Most people don't.

Sometimes I think of you and your dad, Kate and your wee sister. (cant remember her nane, getting old)

I do hope you are keeping very well and that life is good to you. You must be a big man now! Keep in touch now wont you?
Lost and lots of love,