Tuesday 27 May 2008

Progressive Poem

I have been tagged again and this time I have the great honour of adding two lines to a humours poem about Jack. (Great way to meet new people this tagging!)

Pure, from my life as the good twin, in Australia started the ball rolling so to speak followed by Nicole at 168 hours, followed by Megan at even the smallest. Here is the poem so far and my own (or should I say, my husbands!) contribution to it...

I have a friend who's name is Jack,
He is a hypochondriac.

He spends his days combating germs,
And memorising Latin terms.

With great distress he will disrobe,
He's proud to be a nudophobe.

With Kleenex always kept close by,
He faces each day with a sigh.

I now tag Nadia from South Africa. Nadia is a friend who lives here in Ireland and is a writer. I am VERY curious as to what she will think of this!!!

Go for it Nadia!

Oh, and it's my birthday today!!!


Kaber said...

How funny!

Prue said...

Wonderful! Happy birthday too!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Ruth! I'm thinking of the next instalment of the poem...


ruth said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry to be late. Hope it was a great one. Your birthday is five days after my son's. May is a really nice birthday month.