Wednesday 2 April 2008

Just not well..

Sean and his dad has been in their beds for 5 days with the most awful flu. Vomiting, pains, temperatures, coughing, fever etc.... All Sean wants to eat this last day or two are slices of rashers. (Bacon)

We were awake the other night at about five in the morning and he felt very sick and had a sore head. He couldn't sleep. I rubbed his back and sang to him but nothing helped. I prayed to God and asked him to help Sean sleep and then Sean prayed. Moments later we heard the birds singing the dawn chorus, so I opened the window a small bit for us to listen. Moments later (and I mean moments) Sean was sound asleep.

The next morning we told his dad and Sean said, "when the birds were singing to me last night I fell asleep very quickly". Just in case you missed that, he said that the birds were singing to "him"... I think they were too!

Today he seems to be on the mend. No temp, tummy a bit better and he wants home made chips! (Fries)

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