Thursday 24 April 2008

Risking.... for the cause of God

Andrea over at 'The Flourishing Mother' has blogged about risking your life.... style for God. It's a good post and well worth checking it out.
It helped me to remember why I am living where I am. The area I live in is quite rough and not the kind of place you would want to bring up your children in. As a matter of fact, before I was saved I swore that I would never live here..
Well, God saved me and changed my view on many things, this being one of them. When Niall and I married we prayed about where God wanted us to live and this is where He directed us. The thing is, instead of putting us into one of the old type houses where there can be a lot of trouble sometimes, he put us in the area, but in a newly built small estate with only 48 houses, most of them in a square with a green and trees in the middle. So, we are still a part of the larger area (over 800 homes) but live in a quiet pocket where most of my neighbours are making the effort to keep it peaceful.
My neighbours are nice and there is even a small Community Centre here that I keep clean and get a small wage from. I am involved in a Bible club here and try to be a help to my neighbours any way I can.

The point is, God put us into an area that is potentially tough and dangerous but He is minding us.
He is protecting us.
He is keeping us.
He is giving us all that we need that pertains to this life.
He is giving us good standing with our neighbours as we live this 'different life'.
He is faithful.

When there is trouble with our neighbours, He shows us from His word how to cope with it and then He helps us. What about Sean? Well, we are here almost 6 years, since he was four years old and thus far the Lord has more than looked after and blessed him.

Sean is different...
He is brought up by Born Again Christians.
He is home schooled.
His family have no regular TV.
He has no consoles.
He doesn't celebrate Christmas....

He has great little friends who accept him as he is and see nothing different in him! Now that's got to be from God.

Thank God!

However, here is an excerpt of a post on Nicole's blog, '168 Hours' blog where she describes her friend's life... Quite different from my own...

After all, my friend who sent me the email is writing from the perspective of someone who has left home and comforts behind, is living in a little house in a small village in the middle of a malaria-infested jungle, bringing up three small kids including a new baby, and has been straining at the bit to be able to get back into combining all that with a one-to-one ministry among the wives of the Bible college students!

Click here to find out what she says about her other friend 'Lara'.

When God tells you to go somewhere or do something, just do it. Never mind the 'what if's?' Just trust & obey.

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