Thursday 3 April 2008

Home Education Week - Day 5

Today Dana give us the following hints to write about...

    Show and Tell Thursday, April 3
    Show off those talents. Share a story, a special moment, a piece of artwork. Any accomplishment, great or small, is fair game. Activity: Make a brag book.

    Well, I am showing this photo because it is Seán attending the Children's Bible Club here
    in our estate. I am glad to be a part of this club because I enjoy it, God has gifted me for it, He has given me a love for the children who live in this area, the club reaches my own son who isn't yet saved and I love working with my sisters and brother and the club does a lot of arts and crafts. Also the children learn songs and it is another opportunity for Seán to mix with his peers.
    Sometimes I get use of the hall here in this estate and invite a group of Sean's friends and buddies over for an afternoon of structured play. Their favourite game is hockey but we also work on science experiments and jigsaws. Again, I try to make sure Sean has opportunities for group play.

    Samba Soccer is another club Sean goes to every Summer. He normally goes with a friend and then makes a few buddies there. He doesn't really play football during the year, just kicks a ball around with the guys but he enjoys this activity.

    Sean loves the ocean and anything to do with it. Playing at the beach, swimming, sailing, you name it, he likes it! This is his passion and in the Summer he sails most weekends and then has his Sailing Camp sometime in the Summer. This gives him lots of exercise and also a sense of achievement.

    About three times a year Sean goes to the local swimming pool for the swimming camp. This is a full week of swimming and play and where he learns lots about swimming, just from play! We try to get him to the pool every week and again, it is very good for him and good for building him up physically.

    The Summer Project is on every Summer. This is a whole week of outings for local children. They jump on a but and are taken all over the place on organised outings. The Zoo, Ulster American Folk Park etc... Sean has been on several of them along with me as a helper but I don't think we will be joining them this year.


Mrs. C said...

Hello, Ruth! Thank you for your blog. I'm still working on reading your testimony. So ordinary, yet so incredible how lives are transformed by God's power!

Bless ya.

Ellen said...

Sounds like he likes to get out there and socialize.