Monday 10 March 2008


There is Baptist College in Moira, N. Ireland. I was talking to a friend and brother yesterday about this college yesterday, about the thoughts of going back to college and, lo and behold, when I got to the evening service in the Church building last night there was a man giving a talk who had been a lecturer in this particular college 17 years and had only just retired last year to move on to other things!

We met up for a chat during the tea afterwards and I told him about my desire to study Church history. He was very encouraging and gave me lots of advice and contacts to follow up on. There is a women's study on for ten weeks between September and December and that continues from January to April. It is on one day a week for about three hours a day with three lectures. Niall said he would take me there and back (it would be an hour's drive but in the countryside with no public transport available) and take Seán with him. He could then go off to different places with Seán and work with him or just go to places of interest etc.

How do I feel? I would just love it. Would love the fellowship, would love to learn more about this amazing family I am joined to, and would love the growth that would accompany this study... It would take 3 years to complete it and by then Seán , please God, will be at school and if I want (and I think I might) I can go on to study the Church in more depth....

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