Wednesday 26 March 2008


I have noticed a couple of things about Seán these past days, things that I like. Our family were watching a movie (Miracle) the other evening and there was a man playing the role of a coach. He was working too hard at his job. Before it was obvious what was happening Seán told us that this man was neglecting his family by spending too much time with his job. Moments later, in the movie, the husband and wife had a bit of a tiff about it and so the husband decided to try to do better.

I was glad. Just glad. It's so good to see some fruit for the labour that goes into children. There are times that I wonder is any of what we teach Seán (again and again!) sinks in and so I was very encouraged to see him make this observation.

In the society I live in, the tradition at Easter is to give Easter eggs to your relatives and your children's friends. Over the years I have tried my best to hold back with the giving of eggs. Not because I am mean, but because most children I know end up getting about ten eggs each and Seán is no exception. I have spoken with Seán's best friend's mums and they agree that it is too much, but somehow, they still roll in...! Whenever I can, I give little gifts instead of chocolate eggs to children. Last January (07) I bought sets of hats and gloves in the sales and other bits and bobs and put them away in the wooden chess especially for Easter. Still, this year he got seven eggs and £25 Sterling, (that's over €30 and nearly $50!)
Yesterday evening he took me and Niall, and his friends, Sean and Eugene, to the Cinema and paid for us all...
Now that's the kind of fruit I like to see, God bless his wee soul.

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Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I love those encouraging moments as a mom! I remember the first time one of my children came and apologized to me with no prompting from anyone. It was such a great thing to see them choose to do the right thing all on their own.