Tuesday 4 March 2008

My step mum

I was thinking about my step mum yesterday. My dad died in December and she is alone. I know the feeling. When Sean's father died ten years ago on 14th of this month I was left alone. Three months later I gave birth to my one and only child, Sean. I mised the physical contact I had with his dad and was very grateful when the baby came along and I was able to hug and touch and kiss him.

My step mum has almost nobody. She and dad stuck with themselves for the most part and now she has my sister Caroline and a couple of members of her own family left. One of her brothers whom they would have kept in contact with is dying of cancer himself in the local hospital. He dosn't know.

I think how it says in the Bible that we should comfort people with the same comfort God has comforted us with. My step mum isn't a christian and I am not in the position to talk to her about my Saviour but I can pray, I can kphone and I can visit... I havn't been doing well with either of these three things recently but I am going to make more of an effort from now on.

I remember what it was like, the lonliness, the regrets, the blaming, the anger and the hoplessness of it all... I have a hope in me though that God may hear my prayers and comfort her with the great Comforter that Jesus Himself sent down to me, praise the Lord!

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ruth said...

It is wonderful that you have compassion for your step mother. the Bible says they will know e are Christians by our love. May God lead you in the right path.