Monday 31 March 2008

Home Education Week

Somewhere in America this week is Home Education Week. If you pop over to Principled Discovery you will find out all about it. We are encouraged to write every day about home schooling and so, for the fun, I am joining in and sharing my tuppence worth!

Yesterday, being Sunday and the first day of the week Dana encourages us to give a little of our personal history so here goes...

I would never, never, never have even thought of, let alone wanted to home school Sean if I weren't saved 6 years ago. My plan was to send Sean to school when he was 4 and then get some sort of a job. I was a single parent at the time and needed the money and space. When Sean was 3 God revealed Himself to me and saved me and turned everything upside down on me! Soon after my conversion I went to visit a Christian family in Mississippi who home schooled their children and I thought this was great, but I knew I would need to have a partner to do such a thing with Sean so I put it out of my mind. Well, God provided the partner (!)so I went ahead and started schooling Sean myself when he was 4.

When he was 6 I sent him to school. I didn't pray about it, but just assumed that he had to go because I couldn't teach him the Irish language. There isn't a Christian school in our town so he went to a nice little Church of Ireland school that had just a few kids in it. He liked it very much but couldn't cope with the idea of homework!! A year and a half later I became convicted by God to take him out. Both my husband and I wanted to, but before we did anything we prayed about it a lot and asked others to pray and we believe that God answered our prayers and showed us that He wanted us to home school, and turned out that I don't have to teach him Irish after all!

So, all in all, I am in my fifth year of teaching Sean and we both really like it. I have also been teaching another boy called Dylan since the end of January until May. He is the same age as Sean and they get along well......

This is Sean and Dylan interviewing a manager of the Marshes shopping centre here in Dundalk.
This is me and Sean doing a bit of learning in the park last April!

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