Monday 31 March 2008

Home Education Week - Day 2

Today it is suggested we describe ourselves and what's it like being an educator. Also, what's "normal" for us!

Well, I am 42 and my husband is 49. Sean is our only son and he is 9. I suppose at out age we could have grandchildren the same age as Sean and this shows, not in our ability to have Sean and teach him, but in the ages of his friend's mums! Sean's best friends, Rhys and Sean's mums are a lot younger than us, but I almost never think about it, until I meet up with their parents and find that they are just a little older than me! Mostly Sean makes me feel years younger!

I am not a teacher and am not the most intelligent person you will ever meet but what can I say... just how hard is it to teach a child? I found out myself that it is not that hard.

Sean is out-going, smart enough, has plenty of friends, can hold a conversation with anybody, from our pastor to a two year old and is very well rounded.

Niall works for himself so their are times that he is around the house and available to take us off in the car at a moments notice to go places... The park for play, the forest for archery or to Dublin City for a day in the museums.

I like being Sean's educator and would love to continue to be until he is well into his teens but I don't think I will be able to past the age of about 13. However, we will see!

What's "normal" for us? I do have a class room for Sean to do his work in but we think nothing of taking his books outside to our garden, to the park or to the beach and let him work there. It's pretty normal for us to take advantage of a sunny day and just take off to the city or to the country and have an "off" day or go visit a factory, museum, or business of some sort, and mark that down as a school outing.

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