Saturday 8 March 2008

Fun science day!

Yesterday we had our fun science day. I have had a few of these these past two years and they seem to go well. I get a group of boys together and we meet up in the hall two doors down. They are usually about the same age as Seán. Some come from the Church and others from the estate where we live. The idea is to get boys together for supervised play. This is good for Seán seeing as he dosn't go to regular school and hasn't the same oppertunities as other kids to meet up with his peers. It means that he can experience the challenges of regular contact with his friends and mates while in a save environment.
It's good for his other friends too and different, as they usually meet up in two's and threes and this gives them a chance to meet Seán's other friends that they don't usually meet. We normally play some kind of active sport to start with, to get rid of some of that boy energy! After this we make jigsaws, and then explore some science experiments.

Yesterday we started with the usual indoor hockey and then went on to the jigsaws... We had two transformer jigsaws. How I ended up with making the 200 piece one and the boys the 100 piece one I will never know but I give them a run for their money! We moved on to the science experiments. I thought this would go smoothly as they have done in the past but it was a disaster! Most of them didn't work out and the one I had hoped to impress them with the most, the piece de resistance producing lightning with a baking tray, plastic bag, fork and modelling clay was the biggest! Actually, it worked but the boys wern't there to see it!!! The one with the two eggs, one hard boiled and the other raw seemed to impress them though!

Anyway, we ended the session with pizza, chips (Fries) and drinks. Next time I will try out the experiments before hand!

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