Friday 29 February 2008

Back again!

Hello to everybody! It's been too long, sorry.
Well, a quick update... We are all fine here in the MacCarthaigh household. Home schooling is going very well. The new boy 'Dylan' who joined us just over a month ago is a great wee fella. Sean loves having him in the house and they are working well together. Sean seems to be working faster and eating faster!

Well, since I last posted, our car broke down so we ended up geting a new one... new for us! I dont know a lot about cars so all I will say is that it is a 7 seater and black.

Jeff and Jean and the children have moved to Virginia. We miss them and I hear they miss us all here in Ireland. I check out their blog every now and again and have recently seen some of their photos of the new house etc.

I am in the Library waiting for Sean. He joined the book club here a good while ago and enjoys reading the books and meeting with the kids there.

Spiritually I am ok. I have finished reading Holiness by JC Ryle and also finished reading Jerusalem sinner by John Bunyan, two good books.

I am teaching the middle sunday school, ages around 9 and 10. I really enjoy this and we are currently learning about John Bunyan and doing a time line on his life. The plan is to teach the kids a little about the English refremation and then I have a great study book from AIG on Bunyan and Pilgrims Progress, and I hope to use a video of the story at the same time... well, thats the plan!

God continue to blessl you all...

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