Tuesday 8 January 2008


I like this time of year... I like the lead up to it... It's not Christmas that I like but the SALEs! Here in Dundalk there can be some great bargains to be had and I try to have a few pound (Euros) around so I can take advantage of them.

Yesterday I went to Houston's where there are several different boutiques under one roof, my favourite being Wallis. I never buy their clothes unless there is a sale because I can't afford to, and so this is always one of the first shops I visit in January. I bought two skirts, one white for the summer for 7 euros and a black and cream skirt also for €7! The black and cream skirt was a size 20 (European - not US!) and because I am smaller that that I took it in today on the sewing machine and it looks great. Both were down from €55 each...

Last October I saw a pair of beige suede boots in Clarks for €140. Now, even if I could afford to buy them I wouldn't pay that much so I decided to wait until the January sales. Just before Christmas they went down to €75 and my husband asked me if I wanted them but I said I would wait and see what would happen after Christmas. They have gone down from @140 to @35 so I bought myself a pair!

Dunnes Stores also have a good sale on at this time of the year with up to 75% off a lot of items in the Marshes. I picked up some tops for Sean that I had been looking at last week. They went from
€12 to €5.
€8 to €3
€7 to €1!

Anna, from Pleasant View Schoolhouse, who is always making things, inspired me along with my friend Jean to try my hand at quilting. Months ago I started making a quilt to hang up in my hall. I finished it recently and am just waiting to put it up... It's my first try at quilting and I'm just grateful that it wasn't a disaster...

It's not so simple for me to put photos on my blog any more due to the fact that I bought Niall iLife '08 to update his iMac. It has changed things around quite a bit and I have to find another way to put photos on, so when I do, I will include some photos of the above items mentioned!

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Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Great job on the deals! It's amazing what a little patience and self-discipline will do!
As far as homeschooling beyond elementary, I definitely think you can do it! Most moms think they have to know everything there is to know in that grade level, but that's just not true. In fact, I look forward to learning a lot of the stuff that skated by on when I was in school (because the public school didn't really require me to know what they were teaching). Also, there are lots of online programs that do the teaching and grading for you. A friend of mine did almost all her highschool curriculum this way. I can check to see exactly the name of the company they used. Actually, it has been very neat to see some of the homeschooling families I know who have schooled all the way to college and their children have received full scholarships for college. I know the curriculum is overwhelming but you can do it! I am planning a post near the end of this semester talking about curriculum and the different ones that are recommended by homeschool moms.