Wednesday 2 January 2008

New Yrars Eve

Niall, Kevin and Sarah put in the new year by presenting their own show on the local radio station (Dundalk FM 100) from 9 o clock to 12.30. They invited me and Sean in to give a talk about what we did during 07. We has good fun and Sean really enjoyed being on the show. It was not his first time on radio and her did quite well I think. I will get Niall to put a short video of it on this post when he gets a chance.

When we were finished Sean and I went home and went to bed. I listened to the show and then went outside to join my neighbours at 12 o clock. Normally, we all stand outside on our door steps wishing each other a happy new year and waving across the street to one another while we watch, and listen to the fire works. It's a nice tradition and this year there seemed to be more people out than normal.

I suppose more and more people have decided to stay indoors over the new year. A couple of years ago our government passed a new law forbidding smoking in pubs, bars, hotels, restaurants etc. People have abided with this new law and I think it has changed our society a little. More people seem to be drinking at home now than they used to, however our culture still has a huge drinking problem...

A typical night on the town here in Dundalk on new years eve is crazy. Every disco is packed, you can hardly move through them, every pub is packed and you cannot get a taxi to save your life. I would hate to se what the A&E looks like.. I remember, I used to be a part of it before my convertion 6 years ago.

On new years day we were invited to have dinner with our sister and friend Margaret. She lives in the country and we had a lovely day. Her two brothers, sister in law, nieces and mother were all there and we had a good time of fellowship. Later that evening we went to visit other friends, Paul and Gwen and their three children. Sean asked if he could take his new hamster, Picard along for the spin and we said why not? The kids liked him... and Sean liked their toys!

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