Tuesday 15 January 2008

I have had a fairly busy but pain free week this week. As I have mentioned, Jean is moving to Virginia soon so we women from the church took her out for a meal on Friday. We went to an Italian restaurant and had a very enjoyable night. I went a bit mad and word make-up and 'did' my hair... Sean thought this was a scream and took loads of photos of me, threatening to put them on the Blog.. pup!

Niall has been preaching a bit lately. No, he is not an elder but sometimes our pastor encourages the men in our church to preach and he and Kevin slot in when needed. He preached for out Church the week before last, Sunday morning to a Church just outside Drogheda and on Sunday evening, did something different. He had us sing lots of Christian songs and then gave a message about the Scripture used in each one. It was really lovely and Stephen, out pastor stood up and said he would like to see this happening more often and that Niall has just given himself a new job!

Last night he did his usual stint on the radio for the Church's Christian radio show. I enjoy this show and like to make it my business to light a fire, settle Sean down to do something and just listen.

Recently I have been meeting up with a neighbour and taking her son and my son to the swimming pool each Saturday... and sometimes to the pictures.

Seán has settled down to his schooling quite well since the holidays and we have started a craft today... We are making a doll's quilt and pillow for his baby cousin up North for next December! Well, we have so many to get for and we did say we would try to make as many gifts a we can, so we have to start early!!
Last week I bought two nice fleece blankets also for his cousins (€5 each). They are twin boys and will be 4 this year and the plan is to sew teddy's or trucks or something on the corners along with their names and give them as gifts too. Hope they turn out ok.

I showed Jean my quilt decoration for the hall that I finished and she suggested I hand it in the hall using a branch of a tree...

When I left her house I met this man on the road, along with his buddies, working for the council cutting trees, so I asked him to cut me a branch so long and he did! Thank you sir!

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Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Sounds like you had a fun night out.