Friday 4 January 2008

Free recordings of interviews by home schoolers

This past two days I listened to three recordings of three women who home school their children and are also Christian, talk about their lives. If you go to Cumberland Books you can listen to them yourselves.

What attracted me to them was the fact that Amy Scott from Amy's Humble Musings was one of the women talking. I check out Amy's blog regularly and really enjoy her thoughts.

Carmon Friedrich was another lady that I listened to and found her talk very interesting. It's not that I gleaned any significant information from listening to the talks but it did help me think some things through. One thing I noticed was that I am doing some of the things that these women are doing... They, because of tradition, influence, conviction and being led by God. I have been doing them because God led me to do them Himself or because when I married my husband, he took them into our lives.

It's a bit exciting for me because when I became a Christian 6 years ago I was ignorant of Christianity, the Bible, Salvation etc. I was a complete atheist and knew nothing of God. It shows how God can show you how He wants you to live even if you are not a member of a Church where they practice the things God wants you to do.

For example, we are the only family in out Church who home schools.
We also don't have regular TV in our home but we do watch movies.
We don't celebrate Christmas and we don't do the Santa thing.
We don't have photos up around the home.
I suppose you might say that we are conservative in our dress code; Sean covers up top and bottom in the pool.
We don't have play-station etc., in our home although we don't stop Sean playing with his friends games in their homes.

I find it very interesting to read about how other like minded people live and am glad to be able to red their blogs and be encouraged.
Thank you!

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Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

So, I have seen you write before that you are the only homeschooling family in your church. Is homeschooling that rare in Ireland altogether? I just can't imagine because there are so many families that homeschool in my church. When I was homeschooled (a long time ago), it was like what you are describing.