Saturday 19 January 2008

Toy sale

Yesterday Peter and Grace had a toy sale here in the hall. he proceeds will go towards paying for 'Snoopy" their dog's flight to the US when he goes with the family to live in Virginia next month. Don't worry, they have plenty more toys!
The sale went well with some people brining and donating their own toys and all together they made over €70!

Party photos...

I have nine nephews and as you can see most of them are quite tall for their age, the tallest being six foot six!

Thursday 17 January 2008

Some truth about sex.

I just read this and you should check it out on this ... Ruthie's thoughts and memories.

This lady wrote about college and sex and pain and depression and more, and more, and more...

Great post.

Another boy to home school!

I had a meeting today with a woman called Annie who wants me to home school her son(Dylan 9) until May! He was at school but didn't seem to be doing well so she has been teaching him since he was 7. Annie has gone back to college and plans to send him back to school in September but until then, I will be teaching him.

I can't say how pleased I am to do this and hope I am able to. It is a direct answer to prayer in several ways. We are a bit strapped for cash at the moment and so the money will pay for tax and insurance on our car etc. I has been praying to God last week about Sean having another nice friend to play with and Dylan is just a beautiful child, and I need some encouragement to get back to a decent schedule; early to rise and early to bed and this will do it. Mostly, it may be an opening for the Gospel in her life?

I always thought the idea of teaching another boy in my home with Sean would be great but very, very unlikely, but there you go! Who would have guessed...Here is a photo taken with my phone of my sisters in the Lord, Vera and Margaret... just because!

Wednesday 16 January 2008

Giving up the internet
Both Niall and I have decided not to use the internet in our home for the foreseeable future. It is taking from our home life, our family life, our life as a couple and our personal life.

We are quite a busy family and an hour here and an hour there builds up and we noticed that we are spending less and less time as a couple together reading Christian books, being intimate, and just hanging out. Too many late nights and not enough personal and family time! So... it's gotta go!

I am going to keep the blog up and running but wont be posting as often as I would normally. I will still pop in to your sites now and again.

I have free access to the internet in the Library and a neighbour has it also so I am sure I can use hers when I need to.

Well, that's my news. I am excited about this because I know that the result of our pulling the plug will be more time spent together praying, reading, and becoming a closer family, never mind husband and wife!!

I'll let you know how it works out!

Tuesday 15 January 2008

I have had a fairly busy but pain free week this week. As I have mentioned, Jean is moving to Virginia soon so we women from the church took her out for a meal on Friday. We went to an Italian restaurant and had a very enjoyable night. I went a bit mad and word make-up and 'did' my hair... Sean thought this was a scream and took loads of photos of me, threatening to put them on the Blog.. pup!

Niall has been preaching a bit lately. No, he is not an elder but sometimes our pastor encourages the men in our church to preach and he and Kevin slot in when needed. He preached for out Church the week before last, Sunday morning to a Church just outside Drogheda and on Sunday evening, did something different. He had us sing lots of Christian songs and then gave a message about the Scripture used in each one. It was really lovely and Stephen, out pastor stood up and said he would like to see this happening more often and that Niall has just given himself a new job!

Last night he did his usual stint on the radio for the Church's Christian radio show. I enjoy this show and like to make it my business to light a fire, settle Sean down to do something and just listen.

Recently I have been meeting up with a neighbour and taking her son and my son to the swimming pool each Saturday... and sometimes to the pictures.

Seán has settled down to his schooling quite well since the holidays and we have started a craft today... We are making a doll's quilt and pillow for his baby cousin up North for next December! Well, we have so many to get for and we did say we would try to make as many gifts a we can, so we have to start early!!
Last week I bought two nice fleece blankets also for his cousins (€5 each). They are twin boys and will be 4 this year and the plan is to sew teddy's or trucks or something on the corners along with their names and give them as gifts too. Hope they turn out ok.

I showed Jean my quilt decoration for the hall that I finished and she suggested I hand it in the hall using a branch of a tree...

When I left her house I met this man on the road, along with his buddies, working for the council cutting trees, so I asked him to cut me a branch so long and he did! Thank you sir!

Thursday 10 January 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Dose it still count if you take the photo on a Wednesday but post it on Thursday???!!! This is my Russian sister in the Lord, Yana.
Check out Cassie's photo here. It's a fun one!

Tuesday 8 January 2008


I like this time of year... I like the lead up to it... It's not Christmas that I like but the SALEs! Here in Dundalk there can be some great bargains to be had and I try to have a few pound (Euros) around so I can take advantage of them.

Yesterday I went to Houston's where there are several different boutiques under one roof, my favourite being Wallis. I never buy their clothes unless there is a sale because I can't afford to, and so this is always one of the first shops I visit in January. I bought two skirts, one white for the summer for 7 euros and a black and cream skirt also for €7! The black and cream skirt was a size 20 (European - not US!) and because I am smaller that that I took it in today on the sewing machine and it looks great. Both were down from €55 each...

Last October I saw a pair of beige suede boots in Clarks for €140. Now, even if I could afford to buy them I wouldn't pay that much so I decided to wait until the January sales. Just before Christmas they went down to €75 and my husband asked me if I wanted them but I said I would wait and see what would happen after Christmas. They have gone down from @140 to @35 so I bought myself a pair!

Dunnes Stores also have a good sale on at this time of the year with up to 75% off a lot of items in the Marshes. I picked up some tops for Sean that I had been looking at last week. They went from
€12 to €5.
€8 to €3
€7 to €1!

Anna, from Pleasant View Schoolhouse, who is always making things, inspired me along with my friend Jean to try my hand at quilting. Months ago I started making a quilt to hang up in my hall. I finished it recently and am just waiting to put it up... It's my first try at quilting and I'm just grateful that it wasn't a disaster...

It's not so simple for me to put photos on my blog any more due to the fact that I bought Niall iLife '08 to update his iMac. It has changed things around quite a bit and I have to find another way to put photos on, so when I do, I will include some photos of the above items mentioned!

Friday 4 January 2008

Free recordings of interviews by home schoolers

This past two days I listened to three recordings of three women who home school their children and are also Christian, talk about their lives. If you go to Cumberland Books you can listen to them yourselves.

What attracted me to them was the fact that Amy Scott from Amy's Humble Musings was one of the women talking. I check out Amy's blog regularly and really enjoy her thoughts.

Carmon Friedrich was another lady that I listened to and found her talk very interesting. It's not that I gleaned any significant information from listening to the talks but it did help me think some things through. One thing I noticed was that I am doing some of the things that these women are doing... They, because of tradition, influence, conviction and being led by God. I have been doing them because God led me to do them Himself or because when I married my husband, he took them into our lives.

It's a bit exciting for me because when I became a Christian 6 years ago I was ignorant of Christianity, the Bible, Salvation etc. I was a complete atheist and knew nothing of God. It shows how God can show you how He wants you to live even if you are not a member of a Church where they practice the things God wants you to do.

For example, we are the only family in out Church who home schools.
We also don't have regular TV in our home but we do watch movies.
We don't celebrate Christmas and we don't do the Santa thing.
We don't have photos up around the home.
I suppose you might say that we are conservative in our dress code; Sean covers up top and bottom in the pool.
We don't have play-station etc., in our home although we don't stop Sean playing with his friends games in their homes.

I find it very interesting to read about how other like minded people live and am glad to be able to red their blogs and be encouraged.
Thank you!

Thursday 3 January 2008


Tiany is having a competition on her blog and giving away a book called "Raising Godly Tomatoes". This is also her second year blogging and she is having a blog party, so congratulations Tiany and happy birthday!

Here are some of my favourite things...

Reading the Bible is No 1. Just love the Old Testament.



A real fire.

Being with Niall.

Putting Sean to bed, singing to him and praying with him.

Listening to pastor preaching.

Hot milk.

Vaseline for lips, and hand-cream (for hands!).

Coke float (ice cream in a glass with coca cola poured over it!)

My electric blanket.

Potatoes with anything.

And did I say an open fire!?

Wednesday 2 January 2008

Home schooling

We took a lot of time off schooling and learning in December because of my dad's sickness and his death. So, what I have decided to do is this...

At the beginning of the term I divided the pages in each book by 10..(10 months) I am, give or take, about a month behind schedule so I have decided to skip forwards to January and when Sean is finished each book (Some of them only has 12 pages to do each month) we will go back and do some of Decembers pages until we catch up. I expect it wont take long.

Jean came to visit me today with a gift of a 'Texas Fleece Throw' because we took care of their dog while they were in Texas for a visit. (Perfect gift because I love throws!)

The whole family
(+dog) are moving to Virginia soon, for good. I will miss her and her influence on me, a lot and I find it hard to think about it sometimes. I got the children from the Church and children from the Drama Club together and we made a scrap book with lots of photos of us all during the past 6 years that we have known them. Sean and Grace (Their daughter) shared 6 birthdays together and for a long time Sean and Peter (Their son) were best friends, so we have lots of photos and memories to share. We also have quite a lot of video footage which we put on DVD and added this to the scrap book too.
We plan to give it to them next Sunday along with a gift which the Church bought them.

New Yrars Eve

Niall, Kevin and Sarah put in the new year by presenting their own show on the local radio station (Dundalk FM 100) from 9 o clock to 12.30. They invited me and Sean in to give a talk about what we did during 07. We has good fun and Sean really enjoyed being on the show. It was not his first time on radio and her did quite well I think. I will get Niall to put a short video of it on this post when he gets a chance.

When we were finished Sean and I went home and went to bed. I listened to the show and then went outside to join my neighbours at 12 o clock. Normally, we all stand outside on our door steps wishing each other a happy new year and waving across the street to one another while we watch, and listen to the fire works. It's a nice tradition and this year there seemed to be more people out than normal.

I suppose more and more people have decided to stay indoors over the new year. A couple of years ago our government passed a new law forbidding smoking in pubs, bars, hotels, restaurants etc. People have abided with this new law and I think it has changed our society a little. More people seem to be drinking at home now than they used to, however our culture still has a huge drinking problem...

A typical night on the town here in Dundalk on new years eve is crazy. Every disco is packed, you can hardly move through them, every pub is packed and you cannot get a taxi to save your life. I would hate to se what the A&E looks like.. I remember, I used to be a part of it before my convertion 6 years ago.

On new years day we were invited to have dinner with our sister and friend Margaret. She lives in the country and we had a lovely day. Her two brothers, sister in law, nieces and mother were all there and we had a good time of fellowship. Later that evening we went to visit other friends, Paul and Gwen and their three children. Sean asked if he could take his new hamster, Picard along for the spin and we said why not? The kids liked him... and Sean liked their toys!