Saturday 22 December 2007

Tooth Fairy!

I am very interested in hearing about an alternative to the usual holiday/traditions and I found this one on Check it out!

When my daughter lost her first tooth, she was so excited. All day she talked about it, and that evening she mentioned something about a tooth fairy. We had never talked about the tooth fairy, and had never really planned on doing the tooth fairy. By her own conversation, it was obvious she knew it was all a game.

But she expected there to be some cash under her pillow.

And I had none. Not so much as a penny. So I had to think fast. And wrote the following letter:

    Little Mouse,
    You are growing so fast. It was not so long ago you were running about, scaling cabinets and getting into mischief like Baby Bear. It was not so long ago you depended on us for everything like Baby Bug. I still remember when you got your first tooth.
    Now you can do all kinds of things for yourself. You can cook and clean and even sew. Sometimes you get into trouble, but mostly you are a big help. You are beginning to put childish things aside, like it says in 1Corinthians 13:11. Including your first baby tooth.
    So for your first tooth, I thought we could have a tea party. We can have fun planning it out together. Does that sound like fun?
    Mommy and Daddy

We made scones and had a tea party together, using the tea set I had brought back with me from Germany. We have a regular tea time in our daily schedule. Every afternoon (according to my schedule, anyway), we sit down to tea and have a sort of book talk. Generally, this follows the traditions I learned as an exchange student in East Frisia, a part of northwestern Germany. It is what I know. But, for educational purposes, we have also had formal English teas, looked a little at the Japanese tea ceremony and had our own Middle Eastern tea.

It is amazing how much there is to learn about a culture just through talking about our reading while practicing a local custom.

Of course, now that we have tea time regularly (if not every day), my daughter is asking for something else for the next tooth she loses. So I’m going to have to start thinking some more. At least she doesn’t have any loose right now!

I like that story. During the year we looked after our friends' two children while their parents went to Germany for a few days. During our stay in their home we took the dog 'Snoopy' out for a walk. For some reason the boy had Snoopy's lead in his mouth and suddenly there was a yelp (the boy!) and I say something white fly through the air. It was his tooth... We didn't find it but I put a euro under the pillow just in case it was the thing that the parents would do... And they do!

The next time we stayed it was closer to Christmas and we settled down to watch 'Polar Express'. The girl asked me if the helpers were real, and if that wasn't bad enough she asked me if Santa was saved! I forget how I answered but I got through it without lying to her anyway!

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Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

What a cute idea for an alternative to the tooth fairy. We give our kids $1 under their pillow but they don't think it's the tooth fairy. Actually, I am so bad at remembering after they go to sleep that sometimes they have gone 4 nights with a tooth under their pillow before they received any money. Needless to say, they were a little disappointed each morning they saw a tooth again :)