Saturday 22 December 2007

Mac Day!

Well, we had our family day yesterday and all went well. We had planned to have it on Saturday but Niall decided to have it a day early to surprise Seán and boy, did we surprise him! For 4 days we (That is, Niall and Seán!) had been blowing up balloons, over 300 actually and we were keeping them in Seán's room. So on Thursday night, when Seán was sleeping, we put them into large plastic bags and transported them and gifts into the sitting room. We put all the gifts on the siting room floor and covered them all with the balloons, poppers and crackers. This year we did something slightly different. Niall went to a shop and got 12 balloons filled with helium so we tied little presents on the end of them and it all added to the ambience!

Yesterday morning I got up early and started setting up everything, putting on lights and getting the video camera working. I went into the hall for some reason and met Seán tripping down the stairs shouting 'It's MacCárthaigh Day! It's MacCárthaigh Day!' at the top of his voice rubbing his eyes and almost falling down the stairs! I said 'Today is Friday' and sent him back up. It was disappointing because I thought he heard us the night before, but he hadn't. He genuinely got his days mixed up and when dad took him down moments later, I had video ready and captured it all!

We all spent the day in our pj's, with the fire lit, and we had whatever we wanted for dinner. Niall and I had pasta etc. and Seán had fish fingers and made his own chips(fries).

We had our customary treasure hunt for the DVDs and eventually settled down to watch Transformers. I am feeling pretty bad at the moment and went to the doctor today. I got a cough bottle and antibiotic for a chest infection and cough; got a chill as well. I think the past two weeks being with dad before he died and then at the wake and funeral has taken its toll and I am a bit run down. But it's all very small stuff in the great scheme of things!

I have a sister in the Lord called Mary and she texts me now and again to keep me up to date with things. I texted her today, feeling a bit sorry for myself and then thanked God that He gives us people like these to comfort us and help us. Then I thanked Him for giving me Him!

So here I am, don't feel sorry for me. I am in my pj's again in the sitting room with the fire lit, my child and his friend playing with the Lego he got yesterday and running around popping some of the balloons, and I have you guys to talk to and your blogs to read... God is good!!!

My best gift... A beautiful handbag (I picked it out last week!) from Niall.

Seán's best gift.... Not the DVDs, Lego, Mega Bloks, sweets (remote control helicopter... gasp!) but the hamster we got him! €13, cage free, food free and bedding €1.50...!!! (By the way, Seán called the hamster 'Picard' - yes, he is a Star Trek fan. His pet goldfish is called 'Leviathan')

Niall's best gift.... iLife '08 for his iMac!

Here is a quote I received from fellow blogger MammaTee that just says it all...

We don't celebrate it traditionally either and are trying to really get away from the material aspect (although it's difficult because so many well-meaning friends and family love to spoil our children!).

Another comment I liked came from Cassie, Homeschooling Four...

Christmas is one of those tricky Holidays. As Christians, we all KNOW the reason for the season. The struggle in our home is keeping that as our focus. We don't do Santa, we teach our children that there is more joy in giving than receiving (they make "Christmas Lists" for what they want to buy others, not what they want for themselves). Still, we are so easily pulled to the greedy, commercial side of Christmas.

(Love the part about the Christmas list)

On a more spiritual aspect, we spent quite a while reading the Bible, singing to the Lord and praying. We thanked God for certain aspects of 2007. We had a lot to be thankful for, and we discussed things that we can change in 2008.

So for you guys who do your own thing on Tuesday

Mamma Tee

whether it's celebrating the birth of Jesus or not... Have a nice day!

Oh... For fancy Christmas lights on homes in Australia check this out!


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Sounds like fun! Do you have any pictures of the million balloons? I'm sure that looked great!

ruth said...

I am so sorry about your dad, and I hope you feel better soon. How great that Sean enjoys his hamster! Our youngest, Jonathan, got a puppy for his birthday last August, and that was a huge hit (also a huge job for me).

I used to feel really sorry for myself when I got the stomach flu back when the kids were little and I got everything they got. Then I read a book about a family that had been missionaries in a thrid world country, and how they praised God when they got sick once after they had come hme to the US. They were thankful for plentiful clean water, flush toilets, their washing machine and their dryer. These were all things I had been totally taking for granted as I wallowed in self pity. It was good to be reminded of how much there is to be thankful about, even when I have the stomach flu (or something else).