Wednesday 19 December 2007


I buried my dad yesterday... He was 74 and had cancer for the past 2 years. He was pretty sick since the summertime and died painlessly in his own home with family.

He was raised as a catholic, became an atheist for many many years, and was buried in a catholic graveyard, yet I believe he is with God... why? Because of what the Lord showed me, from his Word, in the week or so leading to his death. I plan to write a post about it soon but I am tired, MacCarthaigh day on top of me and I need to rest!

Here are some details about him...

His name was Michael Johnston, his dad was called Jim and his mum was called Mona Boyle.

He was crazy about the sea, boats and ships.

He was a salmon fisherman and designed and built his own boats.

He was the pilot in the Dundalk Habour.

He has 11 children:-

He had 2 wives, my mum Bernie and his second wife, Adeline.

For over 20 years he ran his own school of motoring business and worked up until about 2 months ago!

He worked in Iceland on trawlers.

He was a member of the Royal Irish Guards and stood outside Buckingham Palace with his smart red uniform and huge black furry hat!

He was an avid reader and read Libraries!

He had a huge, almost consuming interests in Irish and world politics, Socialism and Communism.

He wrote short stories, mostly true about his youth, one which he dedicated to my son Sean. (Whom he also passed on his love of the sea)

He was very active as a youth, competing in tennis, long jump, high jump and boxing.

He had 21 grand children and 4 great grand children.

He had a full and blessed life and I thank God for it.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

It was good to read your comment on my blog.

My dad died when I was a child. He had a heart attack and I'm pretty certain he knew he wasn't going to make it. I pray often that he accepted Christ's salvation on his death bed.

It's hard not knowing but knowing Jesus (who gave everything so we could have salvation), He was answering your prayers!

Laura said...

I am so sorry that I did not read this here when I posted on your other blog... I forgot about this one, it wasn't on my reader yet. I just found this post. Your dad sounds like he was a very interesting man! I am praying for you during this hard time...

and I am going right now to add this blog to my reader!

Love in Him,