Monday 19 November 2007

Two weeks ago

On Monday evening we had our women's Bible study in my home. Marie talked to us about the role we have in the Church as women. Not as wives, not as sisters, not as mothers but what we should be doing as a group. We discussed different ways we can be a help to the members of the body. We talked about cooking for the members who find it difficult, through bad health, to cook for themselves and mentioned our brother Pete as an example.

Pete's story is a long one; His mum and dad were from Ireland but had moved to the US years ago. Pete was born there and when the parents moved back to Ireland, he stayed in the US and married. He got saved and was on fire for the Lord, but unfortunately, his wife didn't and she divorced him. He had a thriving business in the US, something to do with horses but because he loved his family so much, he turned down the opportunity to expand the business and decided to return home to tell his mum and family about the Saviour.

Although he was shy and wouldn't have given his testimony in a Church meeting, he couldn't be stopped when it came to talking to people one to one. As far as I know, he and a vet was with a horse and they both ended up injured. Pete was head butted by a horse about nine years ago and has been very, very ill since then. He has been in and out of hospital but there was no hope given to him of any sort of recovery.

The day after the women's meeting Pete's sister found him in bed, with his hand under his cheek and the duvet pulled up under his chin. He had gone to be with the Lord.

His family, (some had been saved) were, and are in shock over Pete's death. I was upset when I heard the news and Sean said' "mum, don't cry, Pete's in heaven. He can see God now. Peter and Grace are moving back to America and Pete has moved to Heaven."

We had the funeral on Friday. Stephen did a wonderful job. Even though we put out lots of extra seats, the Church building was full. with people standing at the back, in the hall and out the front. At the graveside one of his friends, an evangelist, preached the Gospel in that Catholic graveyard for over five minuets in front of the grave diggers and other non believers.

He has a brother, Brian that is not saved. He is taking it all so badly. Two days after the funeral, on the Sunday evening, Stephen and his wife Marie heard a loud noise and went outside to find a woman was involved in a hit and run outside their home. This woman was Brian's girlfriend's best friend. They are both in deep mourning. They can both see the huge difference between the wakes and funerals of both these people. There is a great sense of peace surrounding Pete's death but none surrounding the other lady's.

Some of Pete's relatives who never put their foot in a Church building before Pete's death have been coming to the Sunday services since his death... God is continuing to use him, praise the Lord...

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