Saturday 24 November 2007


I notice that some women tend to post their favourite recipe. I am not a great cook but I have made up this meal for when I have more that a few people over for dinner...

I fry mince and put it on a bowl; then I fry mushrooms and do the same, then cherry tomatoes, then sweet corn, then onion, then tinned potatoes, red kidney beans, then I fry up some nuts, then I chop up and fry some fresh herbs from my garden (sounds very grand but you should see my garden!) and after frying any leftovers from the fridge. Eventually I put it all back into the wok and I mix in a pot or two of Dolmio sun-dried tomato stir-in, mix it all up, add salt and pepper and serve it on Old El Paso Flour Tortillas...voila!!!

We are having an American family over for dinner after the Church service tomorrow and so I am going out to the kitchen now to cook this up for us all. Hope they like it!

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